The Klingler College of Arts and Sciences provides creative and innovative undergraduate research opportunities that are invaluable in both preparing students for their next steps whether pursuing a career or attending graduate school. Collaborative student-faculty research projects provide a rich learning experience that encourages initiative, the development of ideas, open discourse and collaboration and celebrates achievements. Students from all academic disciplines have an opportunity to become engaged in faculty mentored research as all of our faculty are research-teaching scholars.

Our goal is to provide you:

  • Experiential learning opportunities that foster your intellectual curiosity.
  • Exciting partnerships between students and faculty.
  • Creative projects that enhance and develop skills that will serve you throughout your professional life.

Where do I start?

  • Start with your interests and what you would like to learn more about.
  • Talk to your academic advisor and/or a faculty member(s) whose class you enjoyed to learn more about a particular topic and to assist you in finding out about independent research during the school year.
  • Learn about our faculty's areas of research interests by visiting department websites.
  • Summer research opportunities exist.


Research in the humanities probes the meanings and examines the diverse aspects of our human experiences.

Natural and Computational Sciences Research

Social and Behavioral Sciences Research

Summer Research