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The Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual heart of the university, as well as its largest college with more than 40 majors, more than 250 faculty members and more than 2,700 students. We invite you to explore the individual departments to learn more about the educational offerings of each and the broad range of opportunities available to students. 

Departments and chairs

Air Force ROTC
Lt. Col. John Wheeler
Biological Sciences Dr. Edward Blumenthal
Chemistry  Dr. James Kincaid
Economics  Dr. Joseph Daniels
English Dr. Angela Sorby
History  Dr. James Marten
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Dr. Anne Pasero
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science  Dr. Rebecca Sanders
Military Science — Army ROTC  Lt. Col. Ioannis Kiriazis
Naval Science — Navy ROTC Cpt. Matthew Vandersluis
Philosophy Rev. John D. Jones
Physics  Dr. Brian Bennett
Political Science Dr. Lowell Barrington
Psychology  Dr. Stephen Saunders
Social and Cultural Sciences Dr. Jane Peterson
Theology  Dr. Susan Wood