The Klingler College of Arts and Sciences provides creative and innovative undergraduate research opportunities that are invaluable in both preparing students for their next steps whether pursuing a career or attending graduate school.

Where Do I Start?

Research Opportunities

Natural Sciences Research

Biological Sciences


Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (MSSC) and Computer Sciences (COSC)


  • Faculty Research (Students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors on research) 

Social & Cultural Sciences

Anthropology, Criminology & Law Studies, Sociology, and Social Welfare & Justice


Prestigious Fellowships

  • Undergraduate Prestigious Fellowships
    Competitive fellowships and scholarships offer unique opportunities, both nationally and internationally, to expand your horizons and deepen your understanding. Across a variety of fields and disciplines, they fund undergraduate and graduate degrees and projects as well as summer fellowships and internships.

MU4Gold Scholars

  • MU4Gold Scholars mentors incoming freshmen and sophomores, assists them in securing faculty mentors, and provides research stipends to support them as engaged members of our vibrant research community.

Summer Research Fellowships