As Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has observed, the task of Jesuit universities is to “educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world." It is in this context that the interdisciplinary minor seeks to prepare students to address issues of justice and peace in the new millennium. Students, faculty and administrators interested in justice and peace issues worked together to develop the program. As introduced in the 2003-2004 academic year, the minor focuses on issues of community, social and economic justice, and paths to resolving violence. The minor draws on the broader resources of departments and colleges at Marquette , and offers students the opportunity to integrate the exploration of justice and peace through innovative inquiry and capstone seminars.

Structure and Requirements:
The Interdisciplinary Minor in Justice and Peace provides students with the opportunity to explore systematically the nature of justice and peace and the challenges and paths towards realizing justice and peace in the world in which they live. The minor consists of 21 credits in the following five tiers of courses. To enhance the interdisciplinary experience, no more than two of the five courses required by tiers B-D can be taken in any single discipline.

Tier A. Conceptualizing Justice and Peace:
ARSC 2010 (3 credit hours) In this interdisciplinary, introductory seminar, students explore faith-based and secular theoretical approaches to the concepts of justice and peace, through critical discussion of relevant texts and reflective writing.

Tier B. Bridging Social Communities (at least one course selected from the following):
ADPR 4700, ANTH 2101, ANTH 3360, ANTH 3330, CMST 3100, CMST 3410, CMST 4400, ENGL 4810, ENGL 4820, HIST 4135, HIST 4245, PHIL 3730, PHIL 3350, PHIL 3770, PHIL 3780, PSYC 3201, PSYC 3210, SOWJ 2200, THEO 4400, THEO 4500, THEO 4510, THEO 4520, THEO 4530, THEO 4540

Tier C. Promoting Social and Economic Justice (at least one course selected from the following):
ANTH 2203, ANTH 4316, ECON 4045, ECON 4016, HIST 4255, HIST 4350, PHIL 3660, POSC 4851, POSC 4361, POSC 4216, POSC 4406, POSC 4501, POSC 4431, POSC 4521, POSC 4531, POSC 4541, POSC 4561, POSC 4621, SOCI 3250, SOCI 4400, SOWJ 1001, SOWJ 3001, THEO 4405

Tier D. Resolving Violent Conflict (at lease one course selected from the following):
CRLS 4660, CRLS 4640, HIST 3235, HIST 3295, HIST 3297, HIST 4298, HIST 3455, POSC 4551, POSC 4601, POSC 4611, POSC 4711, POSC 4721, POSC 4731, POSC 4741, POSC 4631, THEO 4420

Tier E. Capstone Seminar in Justice and Peace:
INJP 4997 (3 credit hours) Senior seminar for students completing the Interdisciplinary Minor in Justice and Peace (INJP) designed to bring interdisciplinary approaches to bear on questions of justice and peace. Students explore paths to justice and peace through text-based inquiry, multidisciplinary theoretical analysis, and integration of prior coursework in the minor. Service and experiential learning opportunities may be offered.

Relevant upper-division independent study, special topics, and internship courses can count towards the course requirements in B-D with the prior approval of the program coordinator. Any substitutions must be approved by the program coordinator, Dr. Michael Duffey.

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