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Biomedical Engineers apply engineering principles to solve medical and healthcare challenges in an interdisciplinary way.  Our graduates work in the medical device and healthcare technology industries, and also go on to graduate fields of medicine, law, management, and research. Read more


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Olson named interim chair of Marquette-MCW Biomedical Engineering Department

Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin announce Joint Biomedical Engineering Department
The boards of trustees of Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin have approved the creation of the Marquette and MCW Department of Biomedical Engineering which will bring together the engineering education and research expertise of Marquette and the medical research, technology and clinical expertise of MCW to provide an inclusive education model for the next generation of engineers, scientists and physicians. The new department will officially launch on July 1, 2016. Click here for link to joint department website with more information.

Spring 2016 Seminar Series Archives

Dr. Jay Goldberg Receives Competitive Grant Renewal Award from NIH

Dr. Said Audi Receives Outstanding Teacher Award from the Opus College of Engineering for 2016

Dr. Gilat-Schmidt Named 2016-17 Way Klingler Sabbatical Award Winner

Dr. Brian Schmit Receives $590,556 GAANN Award from US Department of Education

Dr. Said Audi Receives $378,555 Award from National Institute of Health (NIH)

Dr. John LaDisa Receives $142,816 Award from American Heart Association (AHA)

Upcoming Events

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Recent Events

May 6, 2016: OPUS College of Engineering Design Day Details: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Engineering Hall, 1637 W. Wisconsin Ave

April 29, 2016: Dr. Barbara S. Smith presented, "Non-Invasive Diagnostics: Identifying Volatile Organic Compounds Released from Individuals, Across Time" Details: 12 noon in Olin, Room 202

April 8, 2016: Dr. John Mueller presented "Kinematic Evaluation of the Knee and Arthoplasty Design," Details: 12 noon Olin, Room 202

Special Faculty Seminar, March 14, 2016: Dr. Bing Yu presented "Quantitative Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging: Noninvasive Tools for Cancer Research," Details - 2:00 pm in Engineering Hall, Room 236

March 10, 2016: Public Dissertation Defense, Ph.D. Candidate Jessica Fritz presented, "Injury Risk Assessment of the Femur in Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta"Details - 9:00 am in Haggerty 494

Special Faculty Seminar, March 7, 2016: Dr. Raiyan Zaman presented "Novel fiber-based optical systems for biomedical applications" Details: 1:00 pm in Engineering Hall, Room 221

February 26, 2016: Dr. Janelle Cross presented "Baseball Pitching Mechanics: Implications on Injury Risk" Details - 12 noon in Olin 202

Special Faculty Seminar, February 23, 2016: Dr. Kenneth Bader presented, "Image Guidance for Mechanical Ablation with Focused Ultrasound" Details: 12 noon in Engineering Hall, Room 221

February 5, 2016: Dr. Margaret Samyn presented "Novel Application of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling: From Congenital Heart Disease to Acquired Heart Disease" Details - 12:00 noon in Olin 202.

December 11, 2015: Dr. Daniel Ferris presented "Robotic Exoskeletons, Bionic Prostheses, and Mobile Brain Imaging"Details - 12 noon in Olin 202

November 13, 2015: Dr. Kevin M. Koch presented, "Metal Artifact Reduction in Clinical MRI" Details - 12 noon in Olin 202

November 9, 2015: Public Dissertation Defense, Ph.D. Candidate Tamara Cohen, "Biomechanical Modeling of Clubfoot" Details - 12 noon in Engineering Hall 136

October 2, 2015: Dr. Ronald Grifka presented, " Advances in Pediatric Cardiology: The Interface of Science, Technology and Medicine" Details - 12:00 noon in Olin 202

September 17, 2015: Public Dissertation Defense, PhD Candidate Robert Cooper, "Noninvasive Assessment of Photoreceptor Structure and Function in the Human Retina" Details - 10:00 am in Engineering Hall 323

September 11, 2015: Dr. Carl Crawford presented, "The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing" Details - 12:00 noon in Olin 202



Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is a discipline that advances knowledge in engineering, biology and medicine to improve human health.

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Dr. Lars Olson
Interim Chair of Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor

(414) 288-3529

Dr. Sam Bechara
Assistant Chair & Lecturer
(414) 288-1629

Mary Wesley
Office Associate, Biomedical Engineering
(414) 288-3375

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