Strategic Goals

Goal I – Holistic development of students
We strive to:
  • develop programs and opportunities that embody the comprehensive wellbeing of our students.
  • develop a multifaceted response to growing issues of student behavior management with an eye toward student wellness.
  • incorporate cura personalis in our work with students, including their faith development.
  • share with the entire university community our unique expertise regarding the growth and development of students in order to promote their holistic developmental experience.
  • cultivate a culture of servant leadership and faith development in order to provide a distinctively Jesuit educational experience for students.
Goal II – Student and Staff Engagement
We strive to:
  • achieve best practices in student programming and services, developing new and more effective initiatives for staff engagement of students. To foster these best practices, assessment is ongoing and rigorous so that ineffective programs will give way to more effective programs.
  • prioritize effective communication within the Division of Student Affairs and with all other University divisions regarding programs, services, resources, and administrative issues.
  • enhance the effectiveness of all our efforts with students by supporting professional and holistic development of our staff. The priority of professional and personal growth of staff fosters student development. We live what we teach.
  • make our human resource a top priority.
  • emphasize the professional and holistic development of our staff, providing them with opportunities for professional and personal growth.
Goal III – Inclusivity
We strive to:
  • create and maintain a campus community and environment that is welcoming and inclusive and cherishes the dignity of all individuals.
  • encourage students to explore the richness of the diversity present on campus and in the community.
  • identify student groups in order to determine the relationships that connect them to Marquette University. We work to foster those connections, insuring a consistent and positive Marquette experience among all students.
  • engage every student by creating quality programs and services that reach all the students.
Goal IV – Collaboration
We strive to
  • expand and improve our efforts to collaborate and form partnerships within each department.
  • expand and improve our efforts to collaborate and form partnerships with members of other departments within the division.
  • expand and improve our efforts to collaborate and form partnerships with colleagues outside the division, particularly with colleagues in other divisions, higher level administration and academic areas.
  • work cooperatively to develop comprehensive, quality programming that offers students access to individuals from all departments across the division.
Goal V – Physical campus environment
We strive to:
  • optimize the accessibility to facilities in which student services are provided.
  • offer welcoming physical space for students, staff, guests and other community members.
  • create comfortable environments in which a supportive community atmosphere can be maintained.
  • assess physical space needs and identify opportunities for sustainability efforts.
  • create innovative environments that reflect the changing needs of students.
  • build awareness of eco-friendly practices and model good stewardship of all resources, especially those that are non-renewable.
Goal VI – Assessment of Progress
We strive to:
  • pursue excellence through varied and ongoing assessment efforts.
  • differentiate through assessment the effective from the ineffective programs and services.
  • establish goal accomplishment accountability through assessment.
  • create methods of measuring success and analyzing progress.
  • use assessment data and analysis to provide a medium and method of communicating our effectiveness to other members of the university community.


Wellness Resources

Student Wellness

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