College Administration


Dean's Office



Dr. Kristina M. Ropella

Opus Dean
(414) 288-6591

Associate Dean


Dr. Mark Federle

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
(414) 288-4531

Department Chairs


Dr. Daniel H. Zitomer, P.E.

Interim Department Chair
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

(414) 288-4629

Dr. Lars Olson

Interim Joint Chair of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering

(414) 288-3529

Dr. John Borg, P.E.

Department Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering

(414) 288-7259

Dr. Edwin Yaz

Department Chair
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(414) 288-3376



Brad Bonczkiewicz

Director of Technology
(414) 288-5793

Chris Perez

Director of Student Studies and Records
(414) 288-6000

Brigid Lagerman

Director of Academic Advising
(414) 288-6000

Tom Quinn

Director of Sales and Marketing, Gas Day
(414) 288-6201

Laura Lindemann

Director of Industry Relations
(414) 288-7134

Philip Rawson

Director of Academic Business Affairs
(414) 288-2139

Julie Murphy

Director for Enrollment Management and Outreach
(414) 288-5769

Alexis Schlindwein

Senior Communication Specialist
(414) 288-8539

David Newman

Director of Operations
(414) 288-5909

Kate Trevey

Director of Engineering
Leadership Programs

(414) 288-0588



Katherine Atkinson

Entreprenurial Minded Co-op Project Manager

Andrea Gorman

Assistant Director for Engineering Leadership Programs
(414) 288-6188

Jenny Benjamin

Assistant Director of Industry Relations

Karen Jamiola

Proposal Developer
(414) 288-1920

Jim Brugger

Computer and Electronics Support Specialist
(414) 288-6021

Abby Kanyer

Engineering Outreach Coordinator
(414) 288-4632

Jessica Bulgrin

Administrative Assistant
(414) 288-4427

Jenna Lassila

Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Matt Derosier

Computer Systems Engineer

Darlene Martins

Executive Administrative Assistant
(414) 288-6591

Mike Dollhopf

Manager, Environmental Laboratories
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

(414) 288-3523 

Megan O'Connor

Office Associate

Andy Felske

Electronic Technician
(414) 288-7117

Tom Silman

Operations Engineer-DLL, Machine Shop
(414) 288-5423

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