Associate Vice President for Finance, Lora Strigens


Director Planning & Project Delivery, Chris Gluesing

Project Manager, Kathy Kugi-Tom

Senior Architiect, Tom Teipel

Director of Facilities & Campus Services, Greg Adams

Assistant to the Director, Pam Heibler


Associate Director, Mike Jahner

General Building Maintenance Services

Servcie Manager-General Maintenance, Glen Wilson

Building Systems Maintenance Services

Service Manager-Academic, Lenny Jaworski

Service Manager-Academic, Steve Kelley

Service Manager-Residence Life, Ken Schmidt

Financial Services

Business Project Manager, Eileen Brennan

Business Service Coordinator, Kay Wells
















Assistant Director, Jerry Kohn

Custodial Services

Service Manager, 1st Shift Academic, Jeff Lampone

Sericve Manager, 2nd Shift Academic, Chuck Willer

Service Manager, 3rd Shift Academic, Robert Pach

Service Manager, 3rd Shift Academic, Cherryl Haskey

Service Manager, 1st Shift Residence, Gary Thorson

Grounds Services

Service Manager, Jim Blonien

Trucking & Mail Services

Service Manager, Christopher Bartolone


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Department of Facilities Services
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Phone: (414) 288-1656
FAX: (414) 288-5700

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