Katharine Moss

Katharine Moss

Bridge to the Future Scholarship


“Each scholarship gift can make the difference in obtaining a Marquette education.”

“Everything counts,” says Katie Moss when it comes to scholarship. “Sometimes the difference between being able to go to Marquette and not being able to is as little as dollars. People who go to Marquette care about their education.” A 2010 graduate in secondary education and history, Katie, comes from a family of five in Grayslake, Illinois, observes, “In this current economic crisis, many families are struggling to send their kids to colleges, especially ones as prestigious as Marquette.” 


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Katharine MossKatharine Moss
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The Bridge to the Future Scholarship Fund, established to provide financial aid assistance for students whose changing economic circumstances threaten their ability to continue their Marquette educationhelped Katie with the gap between the unforeseen change in her family’s financial circumstances and what she needed to complete her education. 

“Getting a Catholic education was always essential to my parents, no matter the personal sacrifice. They have always struggled to make this work for me and my sisters, but this past year it was impossible. Without the help of donors to Marquette, I would not have been able to finish my degree.

“Marquette is like a family—the kind that takes care of one another in times of need.  I wanted to go to Marquette my whole life. I applied to five schools, but Marquette was really the only one I wanted to attend.

“For students like me who literally pinch for every dollar, every bit of scholarship support makes the biggest difference in the world! I loved it here just as I knew I would, and the help I received from generous donors is one of the many reasons why Marquette is such a special university. It has allowed me to fulfill my dreams at this amazing place!”

Besides her passion for Marquette, Katie is dedicated to serving underprivileged youth. Upon graduation, she intends to apply for Teach for America, a program that enlists the nation’s promising future leaders to teach for at least two years in rural and urban schools throughout the country. The teachers, or corp members, reach beyond traditional expectations to lead students to marked academic achievement despite socio-economic limitations.

Katie’s Marquette experience has also provided her leadership skills and preparation for the future. During her senior year, Katie will be demonstrating her leadership abilities while serving as the vice president of Student Affairs for the College of Education as well as student manager at the Alumni Memorial Union Sports Annex.


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