Graduate Assistant health insurance

Health Insurance Information for Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants

Marquette University works with an outside plan administrator to offer graduate students health insurance. Certain Marquette University graduate assistants and fellows, including some recipients of grant funding, will be eligible to have a portion of their premium paid by Marquette University.

In 2016-17, Marquette University will contribute up to $2,000 toward a health insurance plan for qualified teaching assistants, research assistants, and university fellowship recipients (U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents). Students who qualify for this benefit were notified in their award letters. The policy dates of the plan for most full-time assistants are August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017.

U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents

  • Deadline for Accepting Insurance Plans: Students wishing to participate in the health insurance plan must notify the Graduate School by filling out, signing, and returning the Payroll Deduction Agreement form as soon as possible.  See link below to access the form.
  • Enrollment: The Graduate School will work directly with the insurance company to enroll all students who would like to purchase the insurance policy. Students must submit payroll deduction forms to the Graduate School. Students should work directly with the insurance company to enroll spouses and/or dependents.
  • Insurance Cards: Insurance cards will be mailed to students.
  • Address Changes: It is important that students inform the insurance company directly with any address changes throughout the time of coverage.
  • Policy Information
      • View the one-page summary here.
      • View the full policy here.
      • View instructions for cancelling your MU health insurance policy here
      • View Ask Mayo Clinic 24/7 health guidance information here.
      • View Travel Guard travel assistance information here.
      • Visit MU Risk Management’s Student Health Insurance website for more information.
  • Links to 2016-17 Documents: A schedule of insurance premiums based on the category and term of the graduate assistantship, the deadlines to accept or decline the insurance benefit, and the form to authorize payroll deduction for the premiums can be found here: Costs, Deadlines, Payroll Deduction Agreement form PDF(Revised 7/22/2016).
  • Other Health Insurance Opportunities
      • Parent Insurance – Children can usually join or remain on a parent’s insurance plan until their 26th birthday. They can do so even if they are married, not living with their parent/s, attending school, not financially dependent on their parent/s, or eligible to enroll in their own employer's plan.
      • Aon Affinity Health Plans has been selected by Marquette University as an alternate source for obtaining health insurance. Information is available at Risk Management's Student Health Insurance site.
      • Additional health insurance plans are available via the health care exchanges at

International Students

Information about health insurance for international students and the university’s contribution toward premiums can be found here.


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