Financial Aid Rules and Guidelines for Fellowships

Congratulations on receiving a fellowship from the Marquette University Graduate School!

Fellowships are funded by gifts from private individuals, corporations, and foundations. Specific donor and university stipulations are conveyed in your award letter. If your award is funded by an individual philanthropist, foundation, or organization, you may be contacted by University Advancement and invited to participate in their Student Thank You Program. The program, which is optional, allows students to express their gratitude to the donors.

Please read the following general information about fellowships. If you have questions, contact Mr. Thomas Marek by telephone at (414) 288-5325 or by e-mail at  

Fellowship Requirements

Students must be enrolled full-time during their fellowships.

Employment Restrictions

Fellows are not allowed to accept employment without the permission of the Graduate School. Under certain circumstances, permission may be granted. Contact the Graduate School for the procedure to request employment. 

Income Taxes

Taxes will not be withheld from your check, nor will tax withholding be an option. You will receive 100% of the stipend you were offered. Marquette University is not required and will not issue end of year tax statements (W-2 or 1099 forms), or report your fellowship stipends to the Internal Revenue Service; therefore, it is your responsibility to report your fellowship earnings on your income tax returns. It is recommended that you contact a qualified tax accountant for advice on your particular tax situation. On request the Graduate School can provide you with a letter summarizing your stipend earnings over the year.

Direct Deposit 

Fellowship stipends are issued by the Accounts Payable department, not by Payroll, therefore even if you previously signed up for direct deposit on My Job, you must fill out and return an ACH Payment Set-up Request form and W-9 form (if not enclosed in your offer, contact the Graduate School). 

Payment Schedule 

The Accounts Payable Department issues payments for fellowships on Tuesdays. Your stipend will be processed after you accept your award. Payments are generally issued on the last Tuesday of each month. 

Tuition Scholarships 

If your fellowship includes a tuition scholarship, it will be applied directly to your Bursar account after you register for the related term. The scholarship will pay only for graduate-level courses that count toward your degree unless stated otherwise. It will not pay for audited or undergraduate courses.

Supplemental Stipend

This section pertains to your award ONLY if your award letter specifically stated you qualified to receive the supplemental stipend benefit.

Marquette University no longer provides subsidized health insurance to graduate assistants and fellows. In lieu of this, a supplemental stipend of $750 (full fellowship) or $350 (one-half fellowship) will be provided. It will be issued as two separate installments that will be paid after the first pay cycle of each semester. The supplemental stipend may be used to offset health insurance or any other living expense. It is subject to the same taxable consideration as your regular stipend.

Acknowledgment of Your Fellowship in Publications and Conferences

Receipt of this fellowship is an honor. In addition to including it on your C.V., if you present at a conference or publish a book, article, review, or other literary or scientific work which relates to research carried out while under this fellowship, the publication should acknowledge that the research was carried out while the author was a (Name of Your Award) Fellow. 

Note: there may be changes made to this addendum. You will be notified if any changes are made.


Last Updated: May 2018