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Incomplete grades of I, IX or X may be cleared with the college offering the course by the date noted in the academic calendar, usually one month after the beginning of the next regular academic term. If you do not complete the necessary course work or exam by this date, the grade of I, IX or X will be changed to a grade of F.

Grade     Circumstance
I  Assigned by the instructor, normally on a prearranged basis, to allow completion of course assignments other than the final examination. It is understood that the student's performance in the course must merit this special concession. If the instructor judges that the student has not merited the I grade, he or she will assign an F grade if the missing work is significant enough to deserve an F or, alternatively, a passing grade that reflects the quality of the work completed and the significance of the work that has not been completed.
X  Assigned by the instructor to a student who is absent from the final examination and who might earn a passing grade in the course if he/she takes a delayed examination. If the two conditions do not exist, the student is assigned the grade of F immediately. A student receiving the grade of X must file an explanation for his or her absence in writing to the dean of the student's college.
IX  Issued by the instructor to a student who is incomplete in the course work and absent from the final examination but who otherwise meets the criteria for the I grade and the X grade. (A student not qualifying will be assigned the grade of F.)


The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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