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Abstracts of Rahner's Theological Investigations Daniel Pekarske 0874626838 Order 35.00
Ad Fontes Lutheri: Toward The Recovery of The Real Luther Maschke, Posset, Skocir 0874626773 Order 30.00
Advents of The Spirit: An Introduction to the Current Study of Pneumatology Hinze, Dabney 087462679x Order 45.00
Akkadian Grammar: Translation of Riemschneider's Lehrbuch Des Akkadischen Caldwell, Oswalt & Sheehan 0874624444 Order 35.00
Against The Academicians Garvey 0874622026 Order 10.00
All the President's Statesmen: Northern Governors and the American Civil War Stephen Engle 0874623391 978-0-87462-339-0 Order  5.00
Ambiguity In Moral Choice McCormick 087462505x Order 15.00
American Catholic Religious Thought Carey 087462696x Order 37.00
Annotations on The First Corinthians Melanchthon 087462701x Order 20.00
Apple or Aristotle's Death Rousseau 0874622182 Order  5.00
Aquinas To Whitehead: 7 Centuries of Metaphysics Hartshorne  0874621410 Order 15.00
Aristotle's Divine Intellect Myles Burnyeat, O.P. 9780874621754 Order 15.00
Ars Versification: Matthew of Vendome Parr 0874622220 Order 15.00
Authority For Authority Quesnell 0874625173 Order 15.00
Awakenings Gabriel Marcel 0874626536 Order 30.00
The Bases of Ethics William Sweet 0874626226 Order 25.00
Being for the Other. Emmanuel Levinas, Ethincal Living and Psychoanalysis Paul Marcus 9780874627633 Order 30.00
Beyond Trinity Cooke 0874621348 Order 15.00
Bible In The Churches Hagen 0874626285 Order 20.00
Bibliography Of Orestes  A. Browson's Writings Carey 087462634x Order 25.00
Bioethics and the Common Good Lisa Sowle Cahill 0-87462-584-X Order 15.00
Black And Catholic Phelps 0874626293 Order 20.00
Booklet of Comfort for the Sick, & On the Christian Knight Johann Spangenberg 0874627109 978-0-87462-710-7 Order 20.00
Book of Causes Brand 0874622255 Order  5.00
Book Of Proverbs & Our Search Cb Clifford 0874625750 Order 15.00
Book Of Proverbs & Our Search Pb Clifford 0874625750 Order 15.00
Bureaus of Efficiency: Reforming Local Government in the Progressive Era Mordecai Lee 9780874620818 Order 30.00
By-Line Awards Bovee 087462004x Order 30.00
Catalogue Of Renaissance Philosophers Riedl 0874624347 Order 10.00
Catholic Social Teaching Aubert 0874626927 Order 35.00
Catholic Theology In The University Shaddy 0874626412 Order 15.00
Catholic University & The Faith Wade 0874621437 Order 15.00
Catholics In The Promised Land Hennesey 087462536x Order 15.00
Christine de Pizan and Biblical Wisdom: A Feminist-Theological Point of View. Birk 0874626994 Order 23.00
Christian Understanding of Freedom & The History of Christian Kasper 0874625432 Order 15.00
Church Membership As A Catholic & Ecumenical Problem Dulles 0874625068 Order 15.00
Cicero In The Courtroom of St Thomas Aquinas Rand 0874621097 Order 15.00
City with a Chance: A Case History of Civil Rights Revolution Frank A. Aukofer 9780874620214 Order 20.00
Class And Religious Identity Bredohl 0874626420 Order 30.00
Clovis King Of The Franks Currier 087462052x Order 20.00
Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics Francisco Suarez 0874622433 Order 45.00
Commentary On Being & Essence Kendzierski 087462214x Order 20.00
Commentary on Gabriel Marcel's The Mystery of Being Thomas C. Anderson 0874626692 978-0-87462-669-8 Order 25.00
Common Sense: A New Look at an old Philosophical Tradition Rescher 0874621720 Order 20.00
Confederate Bastille Neely Jr. 0874623251 Order  5.00
Conimbricences: Some Questions On Signs John Doyle 0874622417 Order 25.00
The Contemplative Church: Joachim and his Adversaries. Tavard 0874627265 Order 17.00
Contributions Of Theology To Medical Ethics Gustafson 0874625076 Order 15.00
Convents Confront The Reformation Weisner-Hanks 0874627028 Order 15.00
Creativity And Method: Essays In Honor Of Bernard Lone Lamb 0874625335 Order 20.00
Critique Of Practical Reason Kant 0874626161 Order 20.00
Democracy And The Kingdom Of God Kainz 0874626102 Order 25.00
Descartes Among The Scholastics Grene 0874621585 Order 15.00
"Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed?" Coffey 0874625858 Order 15.00
Directions In New Testament Methods Albl 0874626269 Order 15.00
Distinguished Service. The Life of Wisconsin Governor Walter J. Kohler, Jr. Thomas C. Reeves 0874620171 Order 45.00
Divine Names And Mythical Theology: Pseudo-Dionnysius Jones 0874622212 Order 25.00
Doctrinal & Practical Christology: Firstborn Of Many #3 Donald L. Gelpi, S.J. 0874626463 Order 45.00
Doctrinal Pluralism Lonergan 0874625033 Order 15.00
Doctrine Of The Analogy Of Being According To Thomas Aquinas E.M. Macierowski 0874626242 Order 25.00
Does God Have A Nature? Plantinga 0874621453 Order 15.00
Dorothy Day & The Catholic Worker Movement Thorn, Runkel, Mountin 087462682x Order 30.00
The Duty of Delight. The Diaries of Dorothy Day Dorothy Day 9780874620238 Order 42.00
Early Works Of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol I: Universalist Years 1826-29 Patrick W. Carey 0874626471 Order 40.00
Early Works Of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol II: Free Thought 1830-1835 Patrick W. Carey 0874626765 Order 45.00
Early Works Of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol III: The Transcendentalist Years, 1836-38 Patrick W. Carey 0874626781 Order 45.00
Early Works Of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol. IV The Transcendentalist Years 1838-39 Patrick W. Carey 0874626862 Order 47.00
Early Works Of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol. V The Transcendentalist Years 1840-41, Patrick W. Carey 0874626900 Order 47.00
Early Works of Orestes A. Brownson. Volume VI:  Life by Communion 1842. Patrick W. Carey 0874626986 Order 47.00
Early Works of Orestes A. Brownson. Volume VII Patrick W. Carey 9780874627312 Order 45.00
Ecclesiality & Ecumenism: Yves Congar & the Road to Unity Douglas M. Koskela 9780874627381 Order 22.00
The Ecumenical Potentials of Vatican II - 40 Years After Otto Hermann Pesch 0874625866 Order 15.00
Elisabeth's Manly Courage Joldersma Grijp 0874627052 Order 20.00
Encountering Jesus Christ: Rethinking Christological Faith and Commitment Donald L. Gelpi, S.J. 9780874627428 Order 47.00
Encounters with Karl Rahner Remembrances of Rahner by those who knew him Batlogg and Michalski 9780874627404 Order 39.00
Eschatological Themes In Medieval Jewish Philosophy Arthur Hyman 0874621690 Order 15.00
Essays On Love And Knowledge Pierre Rousselot 9780874626551 Order 30.00
Ethics Across The Curriculum Ashmore 0874629985 Order  6.00
Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Africa An analysis of bias, decline, and conversion based on the works of Bernard Lonergan Cyril Orji 9780874627367 Order 30.00
Exemplary Lives: Selected Sermons on the Saints from Rheinau James C. Wilkinson 0874627095 Order 20.00
Existence Thought Style King 0874626064 Order 20.00
Expectations Of Immortality In Late Antiquity Armstrong 0874621542 Order 15.00
Fabricating Foucault Roger A. Deacon 0874626617 Order 28.00
Faith Adoring The Mystery Griffith 0874625777 Order 15.00
Faith Discovery Service Buckley 0874620007 Order 10.00
Faith History And Cultures Principe 0874625467 Order 15.00
Faith Seeking Understanding Matthew C. Ogilvie  0874626757 Order 35.00
Finality And Marriage Monahan Hogan 0874626005 Order 15.00
First Principles Final Ends & Contemporary Philosophy MacIntyre 0874621577 Order 15.00
Firstborn Of Many ** Three Volume Set ** Donald Gelpi 0874626846 Order 94.50
Five Metaphysical Paradoxes Howard Kainz 0874621739 Order 15.00
The Foundations of Aristotle's Categorical Scheme Paul Studtmann 9780874627619 Order 20.00
Frederick Douglas & Abraham Lincoln: A Relationship In Lang Pol David W. Blight 0874623340 Order  5.00
Freedom And Its Misuses Beaubout 0874626129 Order 20.00
Free Will, Predestination, & Determinism John Cowburn, S.J. 9780874627541 Order 30.00
From Bonaventure to the Reformers George H. Tarvard 0874626951 Order 17.00
From Vision To Legislation: From The Council to a Code of Law Orsy 0874625408 Order 15.00


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