Hannah Offermann, College of Health Sciences ‘14, Appleton, WI

Persist - My Faith

This tree is tucked into a small spot between Gesu and Johnston Hall, I walk by it almost every day. Even though this tree is almost always in the shade and has very little room it’s thriving. It keeps growing and branching out in different directions and persists.  This tree reminds me to keep trying. While college is great and I absolutely love it here, we all have bad days. Honestly college can be very stressful at times but you have to keep trying and keep persevering and never give up.

Epiphany - My Community

This photo is of the 707 Building, which for the first two or so months of school I had no idea what the building was for. I eventually learned about all of the different offices housed inside and it was no longer a mystery. To me, this photo shows the learning and most importantly the discovery aspect of Marquette, be it in the classroom about chemistry or outside of the classroom about yourself. That’s what a lot of college is, learning not only about your field of study but learning who you are as a person.

Clandestine - My Home

When I first found out I was going to be living in Cobeen Hall, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. But after living there for about a week I realized that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. To me, Cobeen turned out to be this little hidden gem within Marquette that I never thought I would find. That’s what this photo represents to me.

Wait, you’ve seen Mega Piranha too - My Community

To most people this photo is just a picture of Gesu at night, but to me it means so much more. When I took this photo I was on my way to the MUSG Late Night Carnival with a few girls on my floor. Little did I know that later that evening I would be meeting the people who are currently my best friends at Marquette. 

Toiture En Tuiles - Eye of the Beholder

This picture is of the roof of the St. Joan of Arc Chapel. I think one of the best things photography has taught me is to look at and pay attention to the little things. Details we miss, places we walk by and pay no attention to, and even people who are overlooked. This picture is a perfect example of that. I had been taking photos of the chapel and I looked up and noticed these small vines of ivy growing on the roof.

Tempus Fugit - My Faith

Something I really love about Marquette is the sense of tradition. They don't forget their history instead they embrace it. While doing so they encourage the future, be it with new buildings, new ideas and mainly their students. This picture represents that, with the contrast between the ancient stone of the chapel and the new growth of the flower.


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

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