Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker (she/her/hers)
Director of Community Service
(414) 288-7205

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Interesting fact: I love folding fitted sheets.

Why I serve: My answer is always changing and evolving. Today, I serve because I believe in justice and equality, and a world where human dignity is protected. Service gives us an opportunity to confront injustice together, in solidarity with others. I love the connection that service builds among people-that we’re all together as part of this world in which our essential purpose is to be good to each another.

Talk to me about: Getting involved, reflection, AmeriCorps, service careers, planning a service event, social justice issues, why you serve- anything!



Sessie Agbley (he/him/his)
Coordinator, Center for Community Service
(414) 288-2122

Hometown: West Africa

Interesting Fact: Pro-Hunter for Africana Memorabilia… Very few will get the reference. I guess that makes this an interesting fact.

Why I serve: We need to see people and communities as sites of investments and love. Those closest to the issues are those who have the solutions. I serve to remind myself and those around me that we must compassionately engage with our communities rather than standing in awe of the injustices and conditions faced. Serving allows us to recognize the resilience of our communities; however, it urges us to change the policies affecting our communities rather than the people. 



Jeremy Mitchell (he/him/his)
Office Associate, Office of Engagement and Inclusion

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Interesting Fact: I have a kitty-safe backpack so my cat can go on hikes with me.

Why I serve: I serve because of my grandparents, who in a more just society, would have had very different lives.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The river

Ask me about: The American south





Kat Becker (she/her/hers)
Coordinator for Community Partnerships

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Interesting fact: I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in public health with a concentration in global disaster management, humanitarian aid, and homeland security.

Why I serve: Service is one of several ways we can intentionally engage in the process of unlearning. I serve to disrupt the perpetuation of unjust narratives and foster accountability among those who hold privileged identities. Service pushes us to recognize the fullness of our communities through an asset-based lens.

Favorite thing about Milwauke: The character and culture of its many neighborhoods.

Ask me about: AmeriCorps, facilitating social justice reflections, and book recommendations!



Stephanie Boedecker (she/her/hers)
Graduate Assistant for Community Service
M.Ed in Education Policy and Leadership

Hometown: Greendale, WII

Interesting Fact: I consider South Korea my second home (ask me why if you’re curious).

Why I serve: I believe through service, we are able to connect and learn about the community, on both a macro and micro level.  Through those connections we learn and grow as individuals, constantly evolving into better versions of ourselves, equipped with knowledge and experience to face, support, fight against or learn from the obstacles this world presents. 

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The contradiction of the city. Love/hate, hot/cold, developed/neglected, flourishing/languishing.

Ask me about: Marquette Volunteer Corps (MVC), SERVE, Living abroad (studying, traveling or teaching), Yoga



Faith Velez (she/her/hers)
Graduate Assistant for Community Service
M.Ed in Education Policy and Leadership

Hometown: Redgranite, WI

Interesting Fact: I have two rescue dogs - ask to see a picture of them! I have tons.

Why I serve: Service allows for connection and engagement with those in your own community. As we build community through service, we enhance our ability to spark real change for those facing injustices. Stronger interpersonal connections and understanding of those around us arms us with the ability to be intentional, informed, and strong advocates for social justice.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: Learning and discovering the culture, people, and the food of the city through restaurants and events!

Ask me about: Getting involved with service, social justice issues, leadership, dogs, pop music, LGBTQ+, literature (the classics and the new stuff!)

 Sabrina Geraghty

Grace Alvarez (she/her/hers)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Senior, Peace Studies & Applied Mathematical Economics

Hometown: South Canaan, PA

Interesting Fact: I like to farm garlic.

Why I serve: I serve to learn, question, and understand the meaning of communiyt. th epurpose of humans is to find our true self and a loving community. Service provides us to understand the inequities of strife in varying communities. Through service we have time to self-reflect on who we are as humans and how we ca live fighting for justice. I have learned the harm and benefits of service but I believe that done in the right way, we have the ability to transform the way we undersand community. 

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The nature that magically grows through the cemented city.

Ask me about: 414 Fellows, Justice in Action, Marquette Community Day of Service, Metcalf Park Community Bridges, Gardening



Skyler Chun (she/her/hers)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Junior, Journalism and International Affairs

Hometown: Aiea, Hawaii

Interesting Fact: I have two younger brothers and a labrador retriever!

Why I serve: Community service has allowed me to immerse myself with people from all different walks of life, and their stories have inspired me to continue actively serving the communities in which I work, live, and go to school.  Service also gives each of us a unique opportunity to grow as individuals, while also making a positive impact in our society as a whole.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The Lakefront or Riverwalk!  I like that Milwaukee is a busy and vibrant city, but still connected with natue :)

Ask me about: Grey's Anatomy, Sushi, and Habitat for Humanity!



Veronika Durek (she/her/hers)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service

Hometown: Mount Prospect, IL

Interesting Fact: My favorite animal is a llama!

Why I serve: I believe that an effetive way to make change is to work directly with the community and I am able to do that with serving. I serve because I know that I am then able to help empower the community and fight against injustices that the world encounters. As you get involved with the community you develop connections and have a better understanding of the things going on around you which can help you build a stronger community. 

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: My favorite thing about Milwaukee is the lakefront! Taking walks down there is super pretty and calming!

Ask me about: Ask me about any upcoming events at CCS or how you can get more involved!


 Keeley Hayden

Nora Graham (they/them)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Sophomore, Peace Studies

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Interesting Fact: I love corn

Why I serve: I engage in service to actively seek justice and learn from my community.  I believe that by caring for the people around you, you become a more active and engaged citizen, which leads to a more empowered society. In sharing my passion for service and social justice, I hope to challenge Marquette students to critically examine why they serve and the impact it has on the community.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: Milwaukee felt like home from the first time I visited

Ask me about: SERVE, 21 Day Challenge, Community Service Advising and Reflection, ways to get involved on campus



Sarahi Manriquez Prado (she/her/ella)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Junior, Social Welfare and Justice, Spanish and Latinx Studies Minor

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Interesting Fact: I have four dogs and two cats!

Why I serve: I was born and raised in Milwaukee and want to connect Marquette campus to my community in a way that respects and honors its members and their work within it! In that way, I hope this will allow empowerment to those who experience injustices or adversities to promote social change.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: I like that I can get anywhere in about 10-15 minutes, and I love discovering new restaurants or places to eat all throughout the city! 

Ask me about: 21-day challenge. My art - photo, fashion, drawings, and paitings!


Arianna Mansavange
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Senior, Sociology

Hometown: Fort Atkinson, WI

Interesting Fact: My golden birthday is when I turn 31

Why I serve: I want to be the change we see in the world. I aim to build stronger community relations among like-minded individuals.  I am passionate about seeking justice and my goal is to be present for those suffering through crisis.  I am to spread awareness of the various disadvantages those around us face and to serve, help and protect the community I love and adore.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: Taco trucks in South Milwaukee! Support local business!

Ask me about:



Jackie Mendoza (she/her/her)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Senior, Criminology & Psychology

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Interesting Fact: I turned 21 in Alaska

Why I serve: Service allows me to connect and give back to a community that has been home for the past 3 years.  As we strive to understand and grow with others, we become better people for ourselves and for those around us.  Service challenges us to unlearn what we've been taught to know and seek roots of issues rather than settle for surface-level remedies.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: Never getting bored! Having the city at our fingertips isone thing that makes our campus special and inviting. Visiting the lakefront, eating at the Public Market, getting coffee at Stone Creek, and finding small businesses to support never gets old.

Ask me about: Make a Difference Day, Community Day of Service, getting involved, residence life.



Lisset Perez (she/her/ella)
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Interesting Fact: I've traveled to five different countries within the same year, and I'm publishing my first poetry collection.

Why I serve: I serve because it takes more than simply eing an advocate to see change, it takes action to back it up.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: I enjoy the hidden hiking trails near bodies of water.

Ask me about: My plans after Marquette and goals for the city.



Alex Quiles
Program Assistant, Center for Community Service
Senior, Environmental Engineering

Hometown: Saugus, CA

Interesting Fact: My favorite type of candy is fruit. Any and all types.

Why I serve: Community is something we all need to live in a stae beyond survival. I choose to be a part of communities to express and experience connectivity, love, and learning from peers that bring life, love, and connectivity within their community. If you haven’t found your community yet, service is a good place to start. Collaborating and working alongside a community for the greater connectivity will allow you to grow your self love and in return the love you feel for the community you live and serve in. Consider joining our 21 Day Challenge community to grow beyond your mindset and to grow as a community member in action.

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The community leaders we connect with, individuals who truly live and practice community engagement and love for the growth and prosperity of the Milwaukee community.

Ask me about: community initiatives around sustainable infrastructure. My passion is social justcie based engineering.