Krisha Verma, College of Health Sciences ’13, Monroe Township, NJ

McCormick Hallway - My Home

This photograph was taken on the first day of school—my roommate looks out the window at the end of the hallway.

Market - My Community

The Milwaukee Public Market.  This photograph was taken during orientation week as we explored the city.

Going Home - My Home

This was after my first trip home after moving into school.  This photograph was taken as the plane was landing back in Milwaukee.

Monday at Noon - My Community

This is a typical autumn day at Marquette in between classes.  This photograph was taken in Central Mall.

December - My Home

Winter is a big part of living in Milwaukee.  This photograph was taken at night in front of Schroeder Hall.

Fun! - My Home

Every college student can relate to this photograph –sitting in class getting bored.  This photograph was taken during a chemistry lecture.

Sunday Night in McCormick - My People

A quiet Sunday night in the 6th floor lounge is interrupted by a noisy crowd in the elevator.


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

Late Night Marquette actively promotes a vibrant campus culture by collaborating with members of the university and Milwaukee communities to provide fun, innovative, and inexpensive programming to students. View the calendar of Late Night events here.