Krisha Verma, College of Health Sciences ’13, Monroe Township, NJ

McCormick Hallway - My Home

This photograph was taken on the first day of school—my roommate looks out the window at the end of the hallway.

Market - My Community

The Milwaukee Public Market.  This photograph was taken during orientation week as we explored the city.

Going Home - My Home

This was after my first trip home after moving into school.  This photograph was taken as the plane was landing back in Milwaukee.

Monday at Noon - My Community

This is a typical autumn day at Marquette in between classes.  This photograph was taken in Central Mall.

December - My Home

Winter is a big part of living in Milwaukee.  This photograph was taken at night in front of Schroeder Hall.

Fun! - My Home

Every college student can relate to this photograph –sitting in class getting bored.  This photograph was taken during a chemistry lecture.

Sunday Night in McCormick - My People

A quiet Sunday night in the 6th floor lounge is interrupted by a noisy crowd in the elevator.


Greek Life

Greek Life at Marquette

Greek life provides students the opportunity to find new friends, grow as leaders, and learn to be the difference! Joining a sorority or fraternity provides fantastic opportunities to develop leadership skills and can also help you develop professionally and prepare you for your chosen career. For more information, click here.