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Grant J. Silva specializes in Latin American philosophy, political philosophy and the philosophy of race/ethics of racism. He received his doctorate from the University of Oregon (2011). Prior to Marquette, Grant held positions at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Canisius College. He has worked with the National Endowment for the Humanities (UCLA summer 2011, "Re-thinkining International Migration") and is a member of the APA Committee for Hispanics in Philosophy. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Grant grew up in an area where law, ethnicity, race and citizenship-status often intersect. He credits the 1992 Rodney King L.A. riots with igniting a profound concern with racism, inequality and the power of ideas. Grant is currently working on a manuscript entitled The Political Nature of Latin American Philosophy: Nation-Building, Nation-Fixing, Nation-Transcending, in addition to several articles on the problem of democratic exclusion, the dynamic nature of racism, and the challenges that undocumented immigration and the militarization of the border pose to mainstream political philosophy.


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