Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Kevin W. Gibson Dr. Kevin W. Gibson Department Chair and Professor, Philosophy
kevin.gibson@marquette.edu (414) 288-5321
Dr. Noel  Adams Dr. Noel Adams Associate Professor, Philosophy
noel.adams@marquette.edu (414) 288-6948
Dr. Stephanie R. Berruz Dr. Stephanie R. Berruz Assistant Professor, Philosophy
stephanie.riveraberruz@marquette.edu (414) 288-7298
Dr. Corinne  Bloch-Mullins Dr. Corinne Bloch-Mullins Assistant Professor, Philosophy
corinne.bloch-mullins@mu.edu (414) 288-7236
Dr. Curtis L. Carter Dr. Curtis L. Carter Donald J. Schuenke Chair in Philosophy, Philosophy
curtis.carter@marquette.edu (414) 288-6962
Dr. Yoon H. Choi Dr. Yoon H. Choi Assistant Professor, Philosophy
yoon.choi@marquette.edu (414) 288-5952
Dr. Owen  Goldin Dr. Owen Goldin Professor, Philosophy
owen.goldin@marquette.edu (414) 288-5949
Dr. Kimberly Ann  Harris Dr. Kimberly Ann Harris Assistant Professor, Philosophy
kimberlyann.harris@marquette.edu (414) 288-3158
Dr. Javier  Ibáñez-Noé Dr. Javier Ibáñez-Noé Associate Professor, Philosophy
javier.ibaneznoe@marquette.edu (414) 288-5972
Rev. John D. Jones Rev. John D. Jones Professor, Philosophy
john.jones@marquette.edu (414) 288-5938
Dr. Sebastian  Luft Dr. Sebastian Luft Professor, Philosophy
sebastian.luft@marquette.edu (414) 288-5960
Ms. Beth  O'Sullivan Ms. Beth O'Sullivan Assistant to the Chair, Philosophy
beth.osullivan@marquette.edu (414) 288-6858
Dr. Anthony  Peressini Dr. Anthony Peressini Professor , Philosophy
anthony.peressini@marquette.edu (414) 288-5683
Dr. Grant  Silva Dr. Grant Silva Associate Professor, Philosophy
grant.silva@marquette.edu (414) 288-5653
Dr. James B. South Dr. James B. South Professor, Philosophy
james.south@marquette.edu (414) 288-6729
Dr. Richard C. Taylor Dr. Richard C. Taylor Professor, Philosophy
richard.taylor@marquette.edu (414) 288-5649
Dr. Theresa W. Tobin Dr. Theresa W. Tobin Associate Professor, Philosophy
theresa.tobin@marquette.edu (414) 288-1414
Dr. Ericka  Tucker Dr. Ericka Tucker Assistant Professor, Philosophy
ericka.tucker@marquette.edu (414) 288-7232
Dr. David  Twetten Dr. David Twetten Associate Professor, Philosophy
david.twetten@marquette.edu (414) 288-5651
Dr. Desiree  Valentine Dr. Desiree Valentine Assistant Professor, Philosophy
desiree.valentine@marquette.edu (414) 288-5967
Dr. Pol G. Vandevelde Dr. Pol G. Vandevelde Professor, Philosophy
pol.vandevelde@marquette.edu (414) 288-5962
Dr. Jessica  Wolfendale Dr. Jessica Wolfendale Professor, Philosophy
jessica.wolfendale@marquette.edu (414) 288-5626
Dr. Michael J. Wreen Dr. Michael J. Wreen Professor, Philosophy
michael.wreen@marquette.edu (414) 288-5613

Faculty & Staff Directory


Department of Philosophy
Marquette Hall, 115
1217 W. Wisconsin Ave.
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