William C. Starr


Associate Professor

My research interests include legal philosophy, political philosophy, ethics, British empiricism, and Irish Philosophy. I have written articles on these topics, and I have co-edited 3 books in ethics. Right now I am working on a book which is a study of James Connolly's political philosophy. This is a landmark book in the sense that no one has done a study of Connolly's political philosophy before this one. Also, I am working on a paper that demarcates Hart vs. Dworkin. I have a new angle on this problem which is a big topic in the philosophy of law.

I teach graduate courses in political philosophy, the philosophy of law, ethics, and British Empiricism. I think Rawls and Dworkin are the two ethical, political, and legal philosophers who have made the most impact from the twentieth century to the present. In undergraduate teaching, I will teach whatever the assistant chair decides for me to do with one exception: aesthetics. If you have seen me, no further explanation is necessary. Come to my office in 142 Coughlin to talk about philosophy, Ireland, and of course the Brewers.

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