Franco V. Trivigno


Associate Professor

Assistant Chair

I received my undergraduate education at Vassar College, where I majored in Philosophy and minored in Classics. I did my graduate work at Boston University, where I was enrolled in the Dual Degree program in Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Classical Studies (M.A.). I received the M.A. in 2003, and I completed my Ph.D. work in 2007.

My teaching and research interests are in ancient philosophy, ethics and philosophy and literature, in particular, where these three intersect. My dissertation, “The Philosophical Muse: On Comedy in the Platonic Dialogues,” argued that Plato’s dialogue form consists of a reaction to and critical re-appropriation of other 5th century genres, that this is brought out by Plato’s use of the techniques of Aristophanic Old Comedy, e.g. in Cratylus and Euthydemus, and that Plato’s aim in using these techniques was to provoke self-knowledge in his audience. I am currently in the process of expanding the scope of this research to address the relationship between tragedy and Platonic philosophy. I also have interests in contemporary virtue ethics, in particular, the question of the importance and empirical viability of the notion of character.

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