Graduate Courses Spring 2013

PHIL 6330 Problems in Ethics (Dr. Theresa Tobin)

PHIL 6610 Aristotle (Dr. Owen Goldin)

PHIL 6635 Medieval Islamic Thought (Dr. David Twetten)

PHIL 6650 Descartes (Dr. Joseph Cannon)

PHIL 6660 Kant (Dr. Sebastian Luft)

PHIL 6953 Text-Seminar on Ancient Philosophy: Plato and Drama (Dr. Franco Trivigno)

PHIL 6957 Text-Seminar on Nineteenth Century Philosophy: Schopenhauer (Dr.                       Javier Ibáñez-Noé)

PHIL 6959 Seminar: Contemporary Theories of Justice (Dr. Margaret Urban Walker)


Summer 2013

PHIL 5931 Topics in Philosophy: Augustine (Dr. James South), session 1, may be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit (Please note that section number has changed.  Register for section 102)


Graduate Courses Fall 2013

PHIL 5953 Seminar: Latin American Philosophy (Dr. Grant Silva)

PHIL 6310: History and Theory of Ethics (Dr. William Starr)                                       

PHIL 6430: Philosophy of Knowledge (Dr. Bronwyn Finnigan)

PHIL 6430: Philosophy of Knowledge for Nursing Students (Dr. Pol Vandevelde)

PHIL 6605: Plato (Dr. Franco Trivigno)

PHIL 6640: St. Thomas Aquinas (Dr. Richard Taylor)

PHIL 6664: Husserl (Dr. Pol Vandevelde)

PHIL 6959: Seminar: Human Needs and Welfare (Rev. John D. Jones)

PHIL 6959: Seminar: Philosophy of Race and Racism (Dr. Michael Monahan)

PHIL 6959: Seminar: Contemporary Virtue Epistemology (Dr. Nancy Snow)

PHIL 6959: Seminar: Aristotle's Ethics (Dr. Susanne Foster) 

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Extended graduate course descriptions for FAll 2013


The above schedules are tentative and subject to change without notice.

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