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Trying to Register for a Closed Class?   If you are trying to register for a section that is closed, first look through Checkmarq to see if another section is open and will fit your schedule.  Because all of our sections of PHIL 1001 (Foundations in Philosophy) and PHIL 2310 (Theory of Ethics) have been hard capped for fall, we will be unable to accept urgent requests UNLESS you are a senior who will be graduating in December.  If you are a graduating senior you can submit a completed Urgent Request Form along with a letter from your academic advisor.  Graduating seniors can contact for further instructions and to receive a copy of the Urgent Request Form. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTORS - THEY DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION NUMBERS TO GIVE OUT.

Welcome Dr. Jessica Wolfendale

The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Jessica Wolfendale will be joining the department as Professor of Philosophy effective fall 2018.  Dr. Wolfendale works primarily in the areas of applied ethics and moral psychology.

The Philosophy Department is pleased to welcome three new Assistant Professors beginning fall 2018

Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz (SUNY Buffalo). She works in the areas of Social and Political Philosophy: Philosophy Race, Gender, and Sexuality, Latin American & Caribbean Philosophy/Latina Feminism

Prof. Kimberly Harris (Penn State). She works in the areas of Africana Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race,

Pof. Desiree Valentine (Penn State). She works in the area of Africana Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race, Feminist Philosophy, Feminist Theory











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Congratulations to:

Brett Yardley awarded Fulbright Fellowship

Graduate student Brett Yardley has won a Fulbright Fellowhip to work on his dissertation at the Philosophy Institue of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Dean's List Spring 2018

The following Philosophy majors have been named to the Spring 2018 Klingler College of Arts and Sciences Dean's List:
Jared Corbett
Cecilia Dietzler
Taylor Harrison
Tyler Koepke
Matthew Mussoline
Andi Sirokman
Jacob Stavsky
Gabriella Suliga

Marquette University Graduate Student Fellowships

William (Clark) Wolf for receiving a Rev. John P. Raynor, S.J. Fellowship for 2018-19

Marisola Xhelili received an Arthur J. Schmitt Leadership Fellow for 2018-19

Graduate Student Teaching Award May 2018

Phil Mack recived the The Thomas C. Anderson Teaching Award for excellence in teaching by a graduate student instructor

Philosophy Senior Award Winners May 2018

Allison Bitz received the James H. Robb Memorial Award for excellence in academic achievement in
the study of the History of Ph ilosophy

Jared Corbett received The Francis X. Boden Memorial Award for excellence in academic achievement in
social, political, and legal philosophy

Meredith Kuhn received The Rev. John Naus, S.J. Award for excellence in academic ach ievement in the
study of Ethics and Values

Dr. Curtis Carter on his appointment as the Donald J. Schuenke Chair in Philosophy.


Dr. Curtis Carter, Presenting Aesthetics Research in China

Dr. Curtis Carter, Professor of Philosophy, is a frequent visitor to China to present academic papers and lectures at international aesthetics Conferences and universities.  Aesthetics is a very popular subject among Chinese philosophers and literary theorists with many scholars and students active in its study. During the past year, Dr. Carter  presented  papers on various topics  in China including: “The Favelas in Rio de Janeiro as a Form of Utopia for the Underserved,” and “Aesthetics of Chinese Ink Paintings,” Symposium on Chinese Ink Painting, Shanghai (April 2017)

During his visits to China this past year, Dr. Carter also held meetings with Chinese Scholars to plan a future Conference to take place in China on Aesthetics and City Life His has lectures at Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and others in cities across China.  Dr. Carter’s writings have appeared in numerous leading Chinese academic journals, and artist’s catalogues. His book, Border Crossings: Art into Aesthetics, is currently in press in Chinese awaiting publication in the coming season.