The Aquinas Lecture is given annually at Marquette University under the auspices of the Philosophy Department. It was initiated in 1933 by the Rev. George H. Mahowald, S.J., head of the department of Philosophy at that time, for the purpose of bringing to Milwaukee and to the university outstanding leaders in Thomistic thought in both its historical and its theoretical aspects. Customarily, the lecture is delivered in late February or early March.

Jacques Maritain, Werner Jaeger, Paul Weiss and Etienne Gilson, as well as other distinguished thinkers, have given Aquinas Lectures.


2017 Aquinas Lecture:
Sunday, February 26, 3:00 p.m.
Marquette Hall, 100

Prof. Daniel O Dahlstrom

John R. Silber University of Pittsburgh

Identity, Authenticity, and Humility





Previous Aquinas Lecturers:


A complete list of Aquinas Lectures can be found on the Marquette University Press website.



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