Political Science and International Affairs Alumni Speak to Undergraduate Majors and Graduate Students

On May 3nd, alumni from the undergraduate and graduate programs in Political Science and International Affairs spoke to an audience of current undergraduate and graduate students. The event focused on job search suggestions, the paths taken by the alumni to their various occupations, and the benefits of an education in political science or international affairs for their current work. Speakers included Quincy Castro (U.S. federal government, M.A. '07), Marina Demetrijevic (Milwaukee County Supervisor, B.A. '03), Khalaf Khalaf (Atty., Quarles and Brady, B.A. '06), and William Schmitt (Catholic Relief Services, B.A. '01).



Speakers at the May 2nd event                             Current students listen to advice

                                                                          from Political Science and

                                                                          International Affairs alumni


Prof. McCormick moderates                                  More Q&A between alumni and

the question and answer time                                current students

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