Undergraduate Program Overview

Political Science is one of the most popular majors at Marquette University. Students find our courses challenging, engaging, and beneficial to their careers. As a political science major, you'll study politics as an essential aspect of human affairs. We study the history and structure of governments, political parties, interest groups, and social movements. Our students learn about what does happen in politics and how to think systematically about what would be just and fair. The political science major has five concentrations: politics, global politics, law and politics, political economy and economic policy, and American politics. You can find out more about all of our degree programs in the Political Science brochure.

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Political Science Majors

Political Science Minors

Accelerated Degree Program

The Political Science Department also offers a five year B.A./M.A. Accelerated Degree Program in political science and International Affairs.

Political Science (POSC) B.A. Program Outcomes 

  • Graduating students will be able to reflect on and articulate the broad purposes of political life, in light of various theoretical understandings of those purposes among different thinkers and in different communities across time.
  • Graduating students will demonstrate an understanding of basic political institutions and processes, domestic and international, in light of major competing theories of politics.
  • Graduating students will demonstrate the ability to employ analytical, research and writing skills as appropriate.
  • Graduating students will be able to interpret and apply research at an advanced level, worthy of submission to an undergraduate student political science journal.

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