Graduate Program Overview

The Department of Political Science offers M.A. degrees in Political Science (POSC) and International Affairs (INAF). Students in both programs are required to take a comprehensive exam in two fields, generally in their last semester of the program. Students can also pursue an M.A.-J.D. dual degree in Political Science and Law or in International Affairs and Law. Through this combined program, students can receive both the J.D. and M.A. degrees in only four years. Additional dual degree programs are available with the College of Communications and the College of Business Administration. Undergraduate students at Marquette University can also pursue a five year B.A./M.A. Accelerated Degree degree in political science and International Affairs. 

Why Marquette?

Our Students

We are continuing to raise the standards for admission into the program. The result is a body of graduate students small enough to create a collegial and intellectually-energizing climate, and yet large enough for students to find others in their cohort with similar interests inside and outside the classroom. Graduate students come to Marquette from a variety of backgrounds. About one fifth come from Wisconsin schools; two thirds are from out-of-state universities; and one sixth are foreign students. Our program includes many part-time and "non-traditional" students, and we welcome such students to apply.

Our Faculty

Students studying Political Science or International Affairs at Marquette University are learning at a top university from a distinguished faculty. Their areas of specialization cover all the fields and most of the subfields of Political Science. Along with their strong orientation to scholarship and research, the faculty members share a commitment to high quality teaching. Owing to the relatively small size of the program (approximately 40 students), students have easy access to faculty members and can work closely with them in seminars, lecture courses, and special readings and research courses. Class sizes vary, but are generally small in graduate seminars (averaging under 10 students in the 2016-17 academic year), and the faculty spend numerous hours each week meeting with students during office hours.

Political Science (POSC) M.A. and International Affairs (INAF) M.A. Program Outcomes 

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the central concepts and theories in their fields of study in political science appropriate for the end of their first year in the program.
  • Graduating students will be able to design a research project on a research question in the student’s fields of study.
  • Graduating students will be able to write papers reporting research findings in an appropriately professional manner.

Graduate Resources

Additional Information

Please visit the Graduate FAQ page and the Graduate Application Requirements and Procedures page for more information on our program and the application process.