Jeffrey Drope

Professor in Residence of Global Public Health

Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 2004




Based in the Department of Political Science, Jeffrey Drope is Professor in Residence of Global Public Health at Marquette University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in 2004. Prof. Drope's research focuses substantively on the nexus of global health issues and economic development with emphases on several critical national-level and international policy areas, including trade, investment, and taxation. Theoretically, he is particularly interested in how interests and institutions interact to generate these policies and produce the corresponding policy outcomes. Prof. Drope has previously worked with a team of colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa on a National Institutes of Health-funded project that examined trade and investment policies' effects on public health efforts, and with teams in the Philippines and Brazil on a project funded by the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at Johns Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health that examined similar themes.

He is also an active practitioner of his scholarly work and is currently the Vice President for Economic and Health Policy Research at the American Cancer Society.  Currently, Dr. Drope is spearheading a multi-country initiative on the economics of tobacco farming in low- and middle-income countries.



Selected Publications

Examples Prof. Drope's published research work include:



Articles on the Political Economy of Global Public Health:


"Whole-of-government Approaches to NCDs: The Case of the Philippines Interagency Committee on Tobacco." Appearing online first, 2014, Health Policy and Planning (with Raphael Lencucha and Jenina Joy Chavez).



"Evolving Norms at the Intersection of Health and Trade," Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (2014) 39, 3 (with Raphael Lencucha).



"Introduction" from Tobacco Control in Africa: People, Politics and Policies. London UK: Anthem Press, 2011 (and in French, La lutte contre la tabagisme en Afrique: Peuples, politique et politiques, Québec: Les presses de L’Université de Laval, 2011).

Keywords: tobacco control, public health, Africa, taxation, advertising bans, graphic warning labels, smoke-free, civil society, corporate social responsibility.


"The Politics of Smoke-Free Policies in Developing Countries: Lessons from Africa."
CVD: Prevention and Control – the official journal of the World Heart Federation (2010) 5, 3: 65-73

Keywords: tobacco control, smoke-free, public health, Africa, civil society.


Articles on the Political Economy of Trade:

"The Political Economy of Nontariff Trade Barriers in Emerging Economies" Political Research Quarterly (September 2007) 60, 3: 401-414.

Keywords: economic reform; Mexico; non-tariff barrier; South Africa; trade policy


"Don't Buy From Me, Argentina: Politics, Economics and the Re-regulation of Trade in Argentina, 1992-2001." Studies in Comparative International Development (July 2006) 41, 1: 53-75.

Keywords: antidumping; Argentina, economic reform; non-tariff barrier; trade policy


"Antidumping's Happy Birthday?" The World Economy (April 2006) 29, 4: 459-472 (with W. Hansen).

Keywords: antidumping, Byrd Amendment; non-tariff trade barrier


"Purchasing Protection? The Effects of Political Spending on U.S. Trade Policy," Political Research Quarterly (March 2004) 57, 1: 27-37 (with W. Hansen).

Keywords: antidumping; congressional committee; congressional oversight; International Trade Commission; trade policy


Articles on the Political Economy of Corporations:

"New Evidence for the Theory of Groups: Trade Association Lobbying in Washington D.C." Political Research Quarterly (June 2009) 62, 2: 303-16 (with W. Hansen).


"Futility and Free-riding: Corporate Political Participation and Taxation Rates in the United States." Business and Politics (December 2008) 10, 3: 1-24 (with W. Hansen). Please access for free directly at: http://www.bepress.com/bap/vol10/iss3/art2/.

Keywords: Taxation, lobbying, corporate political activity, behavior of firms


"Does Firm Size Matter? Analyzing Business Lobbying in the United States." Business and Politics (August 2006) 8, 2: 1-17 (with W. Hansen).
Please access directly at http://www.bepress.com/bap/vol8/iss2/art4.

Keywords: corporate political activity; lobbying; sample selection


"The Logic of Private and Collective Action." American Journal of Political Science (January 2005) 49, 1: 150-167 (with W. Hansen and N. Mitchell).

Keywords: collective action; industry concentration; market structure


"Collective Action, Pluralism, and the Legitimacy Tariff: Corporate Activity or Inactivity in Politics." Political Research Quarterly (September/October 2004) 57, 3: 421-29 (with W. Hansen and N. Mitchell).

Keywords: countervailing power; lobbying; political action committee (PAC); soft money


Teaching & Professional Experience

Prof. Drope has tough a variety of courses for the deaprtment in the areas of political economy and global public health. His international political economy course explores the nexus of politics and economics, and particularly focuses on the politics of trade, monetary and investment policies. He also teaches several advanced-level classes on development broadly, and the political economy of development more specifically (and underdevelopment). He uses his field experience and substantive foci on Latin America, Africa and South Asia to help inform his classes. These courses focus particularly on the processes of economic reform; the roles of institutions, business and labor; and related issues such as poverty, human rights, war, gender and the environment.



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