Department Faculty Discuss President

Trump's First Year


Faculty members of the Department of Political Science discussed aspects of the first year of the Donald Trump Presidency during two on-campus events in February.


A capacity audience turned out to see the first panel, held on February 2nd, which focused on domestic politics and public policy. Participants included Profs. Julia Azari, Susan Giaimo, Paul Nolette, Philip Rocco, Duane Swank, and Amber Wichowsky. The topics discussed included President Trump’s approach to the presidency in his first year, recent changes to health care policy, the effects of tax reform, judicial appointments, how women’s political views have changed in the first year of Trump’s presidency, and the Administration’s use of numbers and data.




    Presenters at the initial panel on the
    Trump Administration's first year.



The second panel, held on February 9th, centered on issues of foreign policy and international relations. Participants included Profs. Lowell Barrington, Mark Berlin, Richard Friman, Karen Hoffman, and Barrett McCormick. The panelists on the February 9th panel covered a variety of topics including global action on climate change, past and ongoing Russian cyber actions against the United States, relations with China and the situation in North Korea, arguments about the presence of a "deep state" its impact on U.S. foreign policy, and how international relations scholars would view the Trump Presidency through different theoretical lenses.


Each member of each of the two panels made a short presentation, and at the end of the presentations the panelists took questions from the audience.




    Audience members listen to presenta-
    tions by Political Science faculty at
    the February 2nd panel on the first
    year of the Trump Administration.




Prof. McCormick and Prof. Rich Launch the Marquette Democracy Project


Profs. Barrett McCormick and Jessica Rich organized a semester-long series of events in Spring 2017 that included bringing several prominent democracy activists to Marquette. The Marquette Democracy Project was inspired by a talk at Marquette during the Fall 2016 semester by the president of the National Endowment for Democracy, Carl Gershman, and the energized response from the large number of students in attendance.


The Spring 2017 events featured overflow crowds of students and community members. Details can be found on the Democracy project website. The Marquette Democracy Project is an ongoing effort, co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of International Education, The Center for  Transnational Justice, and the Department of Political Science.



Prof. Barrington Interviewed on Russia and the Ongoing Russian Investigation


Prof. Lowell Barrington has been interviewed several times on Wisconsin Public Radio's afternoon show Central Time. The interviews have focused on Russia's actions against the United States during the 2016 elections and the continuing investigation of these actions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The audio files of these conversations are available by clicking on the following dates, each of which correspond to the date of the interview: 2-19-18, 12-14-17, 9-22-17, 9-1-17, and 5-30-17.


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             Alumni Spotlight:  

       Maxwell Bertellotti


      Maxwell Bertellotti graduated in 2016

      with a B.A. degree from Marquette. He

      majored in both Political Science and

      International Affairs. Max currently

      works in the Department of Nuclear

      Sciences and Applications of the

      International Atomic Energy Agency in

      Vienna, Austria.



          Political Science alumnus Max Bertellotti
          speaks with Marquette University
          President Michael Lovell in 2016.






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