Students have the opportunity to obtain academic credit (under the S/U option) for work in positions outside the university, for example in the local offices of officials such as U.S. Senators and Representatives, the Mayor of Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee district attorney. Students contact the offices in which they wish to work to set up the internship, and then arrange with one of the department faculty to do academic study supplementing their work experience. Forms are available in the department office (WWP 468A). Your political science advisor or the department's director of undergraduate studies can help you to identify appropriate faculty to sponsor your internship.

Many Marquette students complete internships in Washington D.C. while spending a semester or the summer at the Les Aspin Center. Students who have a 2.75 Q.P.A. and have taken POSC 020 (American Politics) can earn 6 credit hours in the Aspin Center's summer program, which places them in internships in the Senate and House of Representatives. They also take a course on U.S. foreign policy and participate in a variety of lectures and field trips which add to their knowledge of, and appreciation for, our complex democratic system. The Aspin Center's semester program includes courses in Interest Group Politics, the US Congress, and Foreign Policy, as well as two non-Political Science courses. In addition, all students receive an internship in the House, Senate, or a federal agency. A maximum of 9 credit hours in political science taken here may count toward the major.

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