The Marq Apartments

Marquette University has become the owner of The Marq (2040 W. Wisconsin Ave.), a near-campus housing facility that is home to 231 units and 612 beds. Marquette will offer The Marq as a campus apartment option to juniors, seniors, graduate and professional students for the 2018-19 academic year. Read the complete press release.

For current and interested residents

For residents who already have signed a lease at The Marq for Fall 2018, leases will be honored. No further action is needed on your part.

All current residents interested in remaining at The Marq for the 2018-19 academic year need to participate in the Marquette University Apartment Selection Process. Special consideration is being given to current Marq residents during the process, but students need to meet all published deadlines and requirements to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Visit Campus Town East 109 (1500 W. Wells St.) by Friday, October 27, to complete a $300 deposit or waiver request. The office is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Staff will assist in manually booking those tenants renewing the exact same space. Tenants are responsible for notifying the University Apartments office no later than October 30 of their intention to renew the same space.
  • Current tenants of The Marq who wish to change units within The Marq or another University Apartments building must visit Campus Town East 109 in order to access the online portal. The online portal will open on November 1st to allow tenants to select specific available units that meet their interests.

Current residents of Campus Town East and West, Gilman, McCabe, and Frenn will be able to select options in The Marq through the online portal on November 1, provided they have met the deadlines and requirements of the Apartment Selection Process.

Prospective residents (those not currently living in University Apartments) will be able to select The Marq as an option on November 6 through the online portal selection process.

With the transition of The Marq to Marquette University Apartments in October 2017, we are in the process of expanding available content on this website.