The Seawolf-class nuclear-powered attack submarine Jimmy Carter (SSN 23), underway during sea trials., photo credit from the United States Navy

Incoming Students Fall 2016

Welcome Aboard and congratulations on your acceptance into the Marquette Naval ROTC program! Whether you are joining us as a scholarship student or a college program student this site contains important information and many forms that you are required to fill out and return to us. As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail them to All forms are required to be submitted no later than July 31st to allow time for processing (except the clothing questionnaire which is due June 30th).

Information for ALL incoming Students (UPDATED 20 June 2016)

You must register for the following classes: NASC 1001 and NASC 1009.

Please download and review the following information prior to arriving at Marquette University:

Required Forms for Scholarship Students

If you are arriving as a scholarship student, please print off the following forms and return them via fax to (414) 288-7078.

Required Forms for College Program Students

If you are arriving as a college program student, please print off the following forms and return them via fax to (414) 288-7078.

Miscellaneous Forms for All Incoming Students

The following files are posted here only for awareness of these NROTC policies.  All enrolled students will sign these forms upon joining NROTC.  Do not submit them early with your other enrollment paperwork

Forms for Students at MSOE/UWM

After you have returned the form, you will receive an e-mail giving you a username and password that will allow you to enroll in these classes via Marquette's website. Ensure that you enroll as a "non-degree seeking student." Even if you are not on scholarship, these classes will be free to you.

New Student Orientation Information

The New Student Orientation (NSO) begins on Monday, concurrently with the Marquette University freshman orientation. New Midshipmen will report to the unit at Marquette University for in-processing. The address for the unit is 1532 West Clybourn St. Milwaukee, WI 53233. For a campus map, see the link near the top of the page. If you get lost or have any problems while traveling call (414) 288-7076. You should arrive in appropriate civilian clothing. Males: a collared shirt, khakis or slacks with belt, and dress shoes. Females: a blouse and trousers/slacks with dress shoes; no high heels.

NSO is challenging, but is not the equivalent to boot camp. It is not graded and you cannot fail. It will give you the opportunity to meet the staff and your Midshipman peers, many of whom you will work with throughout your Navy or Marine Corps career. It is also an invaluable tool for learning the basics of being a Midshipman. For more information regarding NSO, reference the Welcome Aboard Package.


Many parents drive their students to NSO. We encourage parents to accompany their children so they may attend the presentation from the staff. They will be available afterward to answer any questions that parents may have. Refreshments and snacks will also be provided at this event.

The Completion Ceremony will be on 26 August 2016 at 1200 at the Marquette University Unit. Parents are encouraged to attend this as well and witness the transformation their sons or daughters experienced during NSO.

Schedule of events 22 August 2016:

0800-0900: Freshmen arrive and check in at the unit (Old Gymnasium)
0930: Welcome Aboard Brief to freshmen and parents
1000: Freshmen depart to gym for gear issue
1000: Parents-only Brief by CAPT Olson
1030: Q&A time for Parents with Staff
1200: Freshmen begin their training


Freshman will be staying in the NROTC unit spaces until their move-in date/time for the residence halls at Marquette.  Upon arrival to the unit for in-processing on Monday, August 22nd, the unit will store any and all move-in boxes, clothes, and other belongings the freshmen may have. Freshmen will then be given assistance by upper-class midshipmen to move their belongings into their dorms.

Cross-town students (UW-Milwaukee or MSOE): your dorms will not be available to move into until after NSO concludes. Unit and university spaces will be available to house cross-town students overnight for NSO once the Marquette students have moved into their dorms. Upperclassmen and Staff will be available to help move your belongings into your dorm once it is available.




Privacy and Security Notice

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