Division of Student Affairs Publication Request Form

NOTE: This form is for Offices/Departments within Student Affairs to request design of print publications and coordination of or consultation for specialty printing (i.e. items that cannot be printed on a copier in house.) To request poster printing of something you have already designed, please go to the print request form.

Student Organizations should visit the Office of Student Development Organizations site.

Please fill out the following form to submit an request for publication design.
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Project Details

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New Webpage
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Custom Project (anything not listed above)
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In the space provided please include descriptions of visual concepts or themes that you would like included in your design. This may include such items as logos, images, keywords, or colors.


If text for you publication is longer than the blurb you submitted above,please submit the copy via email in a Microsoft Word document. You may also submit photos or graphics you would like incorporated. The project manager is responsible for the editorial quality of the copy as well as obtaining high quality photos (1500 x 1500 pixels minimum). Copy and photos/graphics should be emailed to The Student Affairs Marketing Office. Please place the title of the project in the subject line of this e-mail.

Special Note

The graphic design services are available only to departments within the Division of Student Affairs. Projects must meet specific audience and marketing criteria to be accepted. Please call the Student Affairs Marketing and Graphics Office at 414-288-3186 with any questions or for clarification. A typical request from design to print, can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. A more specific timeline will be agreed upon at the project meeting. Old versions of print pieces or similar publications may be helpful in conveying your ideas. Project managers are encouraged to bring their ideas to the project meeting, with the understanding that the new project will be original.

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Student Leadership Awards

Student leadership awards

The Division of Student Affairs presents leadership awards annually to recognize student contributions to the mission and activities of the various student affairs areas. Students are nominated by staff from the division and throughout the university and are selected by a committee representing each of the student affairs departments and Campus Ministry. Awards are presented at a program held each year in April. Read more about the student leadership awards.