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Course and site listing for Marge Sebern

NURS 6244: Health Promotion

Special Course: Presentations


Agency: Adult Learning Center

Contact: Cara Ball

                Phone: (414) 263-5874



Address: 1916 North 4th Street

Description of Agency: Since it was established in 1979, The Adult Learning Center has provided basic educational opportunities to economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals ranging in age from 18 to 65 years old in the Milwaukee community. The primary objective of the program is to help the more than 130 adults enrolled in the program improve the quality of their lives and influence their communities in positive ways. In addition to regular academic work, students of The Adult Learning Center have the opportunity to participate in enrichment programs including programs on computer literacy, financial literacy, life skills, employability and job readiness skills, health education, and preparation for Driver Education written exams. The Adult Learning Center is a very well organized agency with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Population: A diverse population of adults.

Description of project: Possible topics include healthy ways to manage stress, nutrition & healthy eating habits (easy, healthy recipes), exercise (particularly for those who may have heart/health issues). Overall, two big topics for this population include high blood pressure and diabetes

Agency: Villa St. Francis (Senior Assisted Living)

Contact: Debbie Segrin

Phone: (414) 649-2892



Address: 1910 West Ohio Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Description of Agency: Villa St. Francis provides a caring, home-like environment for more than 100 residents with a variety of care needs. This assisted living community is dedicated to providing quality, resident-focused living where dignity and self-worth are valued, lives are enriched and relationships are celebrated. Compassion and dignity are essential to the mission of Villa St. Francis which strives to create an environment that celebrates and respects each member of the community, regardless of their physical or cognitive situation.

Population: 90+ seniors ranging in age from 57 to 98, 25% male and 75% female, 80% of population ages 80-99. Half of residents have dementia.

Description of Project: As an assisted living facility, one of the challenges is keeping residents safe. Possible ideas for project might center on the following: falls awareness, safety behind closed doors, balance, exercise, diet choices, the benefits of staying active, issues of living with CHF, dementia, osteoporosis, arthritis, visual deficits, diabetes, and chronic pain. Memory management and/or activities would also benefit a large portion of the population.

Agency: 16th Street Community Health Center

Contact: Liz Hovel

                Phone: (414) 385-3769



Address: 1337 S. Cesar Chavez Dr.

Description of Agency: The Center is an innovative, case-managed, and family based primary health care provider committed to providing quality health care to residents of the near Southside of Milwaukee, which are traditionally limited in their health care options because of cultural and/or financial barriers. The center’s comprehensive health services and programs include: primary health care services (maternity, pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine and dental); the Women, Infants and Children Supplementary Food Program (WIC); health education classes; behavioral health services; HIV prevention and treatment; physical and occupational therapy; Social Services; Perinatal Outreach Project; First Time Parents Program; Lead Outreach; and environmental projects. Most of the staff are bilingual.

Population: The clinic provides high quality health care, health education and social services to low-income residents in Milwaukee’s culturally diverse south side.

Description of Project:

Diabetes Support Group

HealthyPregnancies prenatal class

Agency: Operation Dream

Contact: Gabriele Harris

                Phone: (414) 640-5270



Address: 3965 N 15th Street

Description of Agency: OPERATION DREAM Mentoring Program: This program is designed to give young males, ages 4-17, the support and guidance they need to become responsible individuals. Founded in 2006, Operation Dream builds leadership, academic, and social skills among at-risk youth through an innovative peer-mentoring program that fosters growth and development. They serve primarily boys whose environment puts them at particular risk and for whom existing organizations are out of reach. Its staff instills discipline, promotes education, and engages children in the possibilities of the future.

Population: Predominantly at-risk African-American and Hispanic teen males.

Description of Project: Nutrition, alcoholism, tobacco use, violence, bullying, leadership and self-development, drug abuse, personal hygiene and professional appearance

Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI)

Contact: Bryan Kennedy (Director of Organizational Development)

                Phone: (414) 290-0037


Contact: Sara Herr (SmartBaby Coordinator)

                Phone: (414) 937-3998



Address: 2020 W. Wells St.

Transportation: Within walking distance and on the LIMO route.

Description of Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence is a comprehensive, community-based rehabilitation facility and sheltered workshop that helps people with developmental disabilities live and work in the community. The MCFI offers over 50 programs and services to assist people of all ages. Every program is led by a certified, experienced, and professional staff. Each year, the MCFI helps nearly 10,000 individuals reach their personal goals. Programs include the following:

Population: MCFI assists individuals and families with special needs including children, teens, adults and older adults.

Description of Project: Presenting to pregnant mothers for their SmartBaby clients. Students will need to contact both, Bryan Kennedy and Sara Herr.  Students will need to fill out necessary paper work with Mr. Kennedy.  Students will need to complete a background check, TB test, and other MCFI paperwork.  Bryan Kennedy will also facilitate an on-site orientation with the students. 

Agency: Butterflies Home for Teen Girls

Contact: Theresa Turner

                Phone: (414) 937-2020 Main Line, (414) 937-2258 Direct Line


Address: 3212 W Walnut St, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Description of Agency: Butterflies Home for Teen Girls wants to serve as Milwaukee’s most supportive home for teen girls, dedicated to empowering young women to rise above life’s obstacles and reach their full potential. It is to be a safe haven for teen girls and an environment that supports the healthy development of the residents served. The programs focus on four key disciplines: education support, character development, counseling, and community service. The Home provides care for girls age 12 to 17. The group home population consists of females who have emotional and/or behavioral disorders, alcohol, drug and/or other substance abuse problems, or sexual abuse histories, as well as teen parents and pregnant teens, and youth who have C.H.I.P.S or J.I.P.S disorders. While staying at the Butterfly Home, the girls attend school, take part in individual and group therapy sessions, and participate in fun recreational activities. As long as the girls continue to meet the program’s expectations and requirements, they are able to stay at the Home until they turn 18.   

Population: Adolescent and teenage girls ages 12-17

Description of Project: Possible topics include feminine hygiene, safe sex, and birth control.

Agency: Milwaukee Christian Center

Contact: Kathi Boyce

                Phone: 414-645-5350



Address: 807 S. 14th Street Milwaukee, WI 53204

Description of Agency: The Milwaukee Christian Center (MCC), was founded in 1921 by an American Baptist missionary to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrant children on the south side of Milwaukee. Over time, MCC developed into a multi-faceted social service and neighborhood development agency that serves families, youth, and the elderly. MCC believes that all people have the inherent worth and deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity and love. MCC exists to offer hope and support to individuals and families while providing a safe and nurturing environment to people of all cultures, faiths and walks of life. MCC currently offers a variety of programs including: an emergency food pantry, senior adult program, neighborhood improvement project, juvenile justice programs and youth programs at 3 separate sites.

Population: Youth (ages 7-19) and family residing on the Southside of Milwaukee, including 50% Hispanic participants in their programming

Description of Project: The programs provide youth with academic enrichment, social development skills, community involvement, and leadership activities in a safe environment, helping them become responsible members of the community.  Any topics to better develop the skills listed above would be appropriate.

Agency: Lutheran Home- Adult Day Center

Contact: Terry Deleeuw

Phone: (414) 258-6171 x 732



Address: 7500 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Description of Agency: Lutheran Home was established in 1906 out of love and concern to provide for retired and indigent pastors and teachers who could live out their lives in relative comfort and dignity. While they serve people of all backgrounds, it’s clear that faith and compassion remain the driving forces in care. Lutheran Home and Harwood Place are a faith-based family of services dedicated to meeting the ever-changing physical, emotional and spiritual needs of older adults, including their families, with a variety of distinctive housing and care options. They offer a full range of services including: retirement living, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, specialized care for the memory-impaired, adult day services, skilled nursing, and host hospice care on-site.

Population: Older Adults

Description of Project: Possible topics include memory activities, hygiene, specific diets, ways to stay active and promote balance, nutrition.

Agency: City on a Hill Health Clinic (2 groups)

Contact: Brooke Chapman

                Phone: (414) 931-6670



Address:  2224 West Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee

Description of Agency: City on a Hill is a faith-based nonprofit organization located in the heart of Milwaukee, working as a catalyst to bring transformation to individuals, families and neighborhoods in the central city. Through a collaborative and Christ-centered model of service, City on a Hill works to restore hope, reduce poverty,strengthen families, and foster racial reconciliation. Their priorities include: educating youth,empoweringparents,equipping leaders for urban ministry, and engaging churches in social justice.

The City on a Hill Health Clinic is staffed by more than 100 volunteers, including helping professionals and volunteers from a large number of academic institutions, churches and other organizations who have a heart for the poor and a desire to make a difference.

Population: The volunteer team provides a wide range of vital services in a diverse community where many people of all ages are struggling with poverty and are uninsured.

Description of Project: One group of students will set up their material and present from 10:30AM-1:30PM, April 12th and another group of students will set up their material and present from 1:00PM-4:00PM, April 12th at a booth where the population of City on a Hill Health Clinic will be participating in educational presentations of smaller groups throughout the day.  You are responsible for creating a presentation and handouts or pamphlets to deliver to the population, while remaining at the same booth the entirety of your assigned time.  This presentation is less formal and should be more interactive with the group. The topics of the presentations will be decided with the site contact or staff in the initial meeting in mid- February.





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