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Dorothy Day Service Learning Placements

All of the sites for the Dorothy Day Social Justice Living Learning Community were carefully chosen to coincide with your course content for both fall and spring semesters.  Please review all site options. 

Keep in mind this placement will be for the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year.  On-site orientations are MANDATORY, so please only consider sites that fit in to your schedule and orientations you will be able to attend.

Rank your top 4 choices using the form attached to your selection procedure e-mail, and send it to Please return the selection placement form with a copy of your class and work schedule.


AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin-Prevention Department

Address: 820 N. Plankinton

Transportation: You may take any of the following buses going east on Wisconsin Ave.: #10, #12,#14, #23, #30, #51. Get off the bus at Plankinton, walk north on Plankinton to Wells St. Site is located on Plankinton, between Wells and Kilbourn, in the middle of the block. Taking a car would require you to find parking in downtown.

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 2 minutes
Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 5 minutes, then a 5 minute walk north from Wisconsin and Plankinton

Contact: Laura Johnson -- 414.225.1608 ext 4006

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Wednesday 10:00am-6:00pm, Thursday 10:00am-8:00pm, Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency/Activities: The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc. (ARCW) is a private, nonprofit health and social service agency that works to confront and alleviate the effects of HIV disease in Wisconsin. ARCW provides aggressive HIV education and prevention, access to comprehensive services for people affected by HIV disease, clinical research on HIV treatment, and HIV advocacy.

Student Role in Agency:

Prevention: Service learners will assist in the prevention department with the clean needle exchange. This is a program that is aimed to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through needle usage. Students will prepare starter packs as well as assist in the exchanges of clean needles for dirty ones through Lifepoint Needle Exchange. One Service Learner will report to Street Smart/Making Proud Choices Coordinator and assist with implementation of both Street Smart and making Proud Choices interventions. Interventions will be held both in on-site workshops, schools, and other CBO’s in Milwaukee. This Service Learner will also assist in coordinating 10 peer educators in their daily outreach activities as well as other youth prevention activities that take place during the school year.

Additional opportunities for service learners interested in communication with Consumer Focus Groups and Advisory Board.

Requirements: Students must have a TB test. This can be done at your home doctor, Student Health Services (5$), or at ARCW and a volunteer application must be filled out.

Other: Students will be working in a professional environment, therefore professional behavior is expected. The site depends on the volunteers each week, so students should be on time and ready to go every week.



Benedict Center

Address: 135 W. Wells

Transportation: Take any eastbound bus (#10, #30) on Wisconsin to Plankinton. Walk one block northwest on Plankinton until Wells. The Benedict Center is located on the corner of Wells and Plankinton, find address. Traveling by car would require you to find parking in downtown

Approximate Time By Car: 3 minutes

Approximate Time By Bus: 9 minutes

Contact: Meagan Winn -- (414) 347-1774 ext. 212

Days/Hours of Operation: any 3 hour time slot Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency/Activities: Benedict Center offers basic education classes, high school diploma classes, and a variety of support components (Parenting, Job Readiness and Placement, etc.). All of the women involved in the program have at one time in their lives been arrested, usually on a misdemeanor, non-violent charge.

Student Role in Agency: Service Learners tutor women in basic skills or Adult Alternative Learning. Volunteers assist in rendering services for basic skills classes in reading, math, and high school diploma classes. Structure of the classes usually involves individuals working through their own materials. Each woman has her own workbook which introduces each skill necessary. The role of the Service Learners, then, is to be available to explain anything further that may remain unclear from the workbook instruction. For math tutoring, Service Learners should be comfortable with basic math and basic algebra, and have the ability to offer encouragement and guidance. Additionally, Service Learners have the opportunity to meet with clients individually to do job counseling. This assistance might include helping clients discuss career options, answer questions about job searches, compiling resumes, practicing interview skills, and navigating the computer to apply for jobs online.

Unique Features or Challenges of the Agency: Attendance often fluctuates in the classes and new students enter every three weeks, so tutors need to be patient if "their" students are not in class. Efforts will be made to ensure that tutors work with a variety of students.

Requirements: Background check must be cleared.



Central City Churches

Address: 3022 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Transportation: Take #30 bus west on Wisconsin Ave. Get off at 29th and Wisconsin. The ministry is housed in the basement of Our Saviors Lutheran Church. The entrance is on the west side of the building. If the entrance is locked, enter from the back of the building and go downstairs.

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 3 minutes

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 5 minutes

Contact: Alicia Ellis -- 414-342-1522

Days/Hours of Operation: Food Pantry: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-12pm.

Orientation: 15-20 minutes on first day of service

Description of Activities: Central City Churches Outreach Ministry is a neighborhood outreach ministry for the surrounding Milwaukee community. It assists people who are in need of housing, food, employment services, and companionship. Service Learners would need an open mind and an open heart for this placement. The core of this ministry is hospitality, respect, and compassion. It aims to respond faithfully to its neighbors and their emergent needs with direct service, information and referral.

Student Role in Ministry:

Pantry Assistant: Service Learners will assist in the inventory, organization, and distribution of food and necessities to our "neighbors in need."



International Learning Center

Address: Central United Methodist Church, 639 N 25th Street

***International Learning Center is in the lower level of the church. Use the door off the parking lot in the rear.

Transportation: Walk or take any bus west on Wisconsin Ave. The church is on the corner of 25th and Wisconsin, on the south side of the street.

Approximate Travel Time: Bus: 5 Minutes, Car: 2 Minutes

Contact: Cynthia Zarazua -- (414) 344-4777

Days/Hours of Operation: ESL morning classes Monday-Thursday 8:30-10:30am & 10:30am-12:00pm. ESL evening classes Monday and Wednesday 5:30-8:00pm. Math tutoring Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm, Citizenship classes Wednesday 5:30-8:00pm.

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency/Activities: The purpose of the International Learning Center is to provide English language and communication skills to Southeast Asian and African adult refugees who have had little or no prior education in their own country. Most students function at a 4th grade reading level or lower. A primary goal is to help students regain their self-sufficiency and become contributing members of the community. The curriculum emphasizes practical life skills and job readiness. Students are taught to speak, read, and write at a level required to perform such tasks as filling out job applications, making appointments, finding a job, and attending a parent-teacher conference.

Regular program activities include English classes from entry to Pre-GED levels, helping in the math lab and computer lab, tutoring, bilingual assistance, and family literacy. A preschool for 2 1/2 -5 year olds is provided while adult students are in class.

Whole group instruction is used for English classes. Class size ranges from 15-20. Math lab allows students to work at their own level and pace. Students' skill levels vary from addition and subtraction to pre-algebra. In the computer lab, students learn basic word processing and practice skills using educational software.

Student Role in Agency:

Citizenship volunteers facilitate a class of low literacy adults studying to pass the citizenship test. All materials would be provided by the full-time instructor. One person for both days for continuity. Teaching experience is preferred, but not required.

Commitment:Orientation plus 2 hours per week throughout the semester. Site Coordinator requests that you notify her when it's your last week of service. Also if you attend this site it has to be equivalent to a JOB PRIORITY. If you miss without contacting the site, you will no longer be able to complete your service.

Attendance at this site is very important, so please call if you are going to be absent.

Requirements: Background check must be cleared and a volunteer application must be filled out.



Journey House

Address: 2110 West Scott Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204


Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 10 minutes

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 8 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday

Basic Skills/ELL Adult Education classes, 9am – 11am

English Language Learners classes, 11am – 1pm

Basic Skills/GED classes, 5-7pm (English and Spanish)

English Language Learner classes, 5-7pm

Monday – Wednesday

GED classes in English, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Thursdays only

Citizenship Class 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Contact: Cherise Meyers -- 414-647-0548 x.2224

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency/Activities: This site is a neighborhood community center serving adults (18 years and over) from Milwaukee's south side. The Journey House is a neighborhood infrastructure that works with the community utilizing a self-help philosophy. Adult programming offers a flexible schedule of programs that feature the following: Basic Skills/GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Spanish GED.

Student Role in Agency:

Youth Academic Enrichment and Recreation Tutors: Tutors will spend time with youth and teenagers, assisting them with homework and with technology in the afternoons.  

ELL (English as a Language Language) Tutors: Tutors who want to observe qualified teachers at work, and help the teacher with individual and group work in an English only speaking environment are welcomed. Education majors are encouraged to apply. Not appropriate for Spanish classes.

Basic skills/English GED/Adult Education Tutors: Tutors will work in a one-on-one setting with native English or native Spanish speakers who are learning high school level math, history, science, reading, and writing in preparation for the General Equivalency Diploma test. Volunteers should be proficient in Microsoft Word and should know how to use the Internet.

Commitment: Orientation plus 2-3 hours weekly throughout both the Spring and Fall semester.



Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

Address: 1015 N. 10th St. (10th and State)

Transportation: 10th St. to Wells and then to State (Located behind the court house)

Approximate Travel Time by Bus: Within walking distance

Approximate Travel Time by Car: 1 minute

Contact: Ron Molnar -- 414-212-4964

Days/Hours of Operation: 8:00am-11:00am Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 12:45pm-3:15pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency: MSDF is a holding facility for probation/parole violators, operated by the Department of Corrections, Division of Adult Institutions. The mission of the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility is to provide detention, accountability, and programming to adult male felons in a safe secure institution, while being responsive to all criminal justice stakeholders and the community. This facility, while it is statutorily an adult institution, operates in a similar manner to that of a jail operation. Unlike a Department of Corrections institution, the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility accepts offenders 24 hours a day, much like a county jail. The facility has an intake booking/objective classification process closely resembling that of a county jail unlike other institutions where all offenders are sent to the Dodge Correctional Institution for Assessment and Evaluation. The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility has a capacity of 1048 offenders. Of that number 800 beds are secure detention beds for men who have been on supervision in the community and violated conditions of supervision. Other offender groups include those in need of transportation to Dodge Correctional for processing into the State Prison System. There are also 210 additional beds that are part of an AODA inpatient program. The average stay in the general holding cells is 67 days. The average stay in the AODA program is 6 months.

Unique features: Due to the nature of this placement, students will be supervised at all times by the site contact. Prison guards will also be present. At least two service learners will attend at the same time. Students will receive training from the site supervisor at orientation and an additional security training from prison staff. A background check is needed, so make sure to fill out all paperwork as soon as possible so as not to delay the start of your service. Students must dress professionally, no flip flops. When attending the site please remember NO CELL PHONES.

Requirements: A background check must be cleared.



Repairers of the Breach

Address: 1335 W. Vliet St.

Transportation: By Bus: Take the #12 bus, from the corner of 12th and Wisconsin, North to Vliet St. Get off and walk about a block and a half West to 1335 W. Vliet St.

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 10 minutes

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 5 minutes

Contact: Maryann Radowski -- (414) 476-3032

Days/Times of Operation: Depend on Individual Placement. See Student Role in Agency below.

Orientation: TBD.

Description of Agency/Activities: Repairers of the Breach is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of homeless and near-homeless people by offering them advocacy, daytime shelter, and resources. Their self-governed daytime center, which is run by homeless leaders who are transitioning out of homelessness, is a "living room" to 80-100 homeless each day, including people who live on the street, those who live in shelters and s and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Working in cooperation with a number of local organizations, Repairers of the Breach offers its members: free telephone use for job- and home-seeking; a telephone message system for call-backs from employers, etc.; legal services; job services; a safe haven; leadership development; education on health and other areas of interest; literacy education.

Student Role in Agency: Several Opportunities are available for Service Learning students including but not limited to the activities below. Students are encouraged to create their own experiences based on their talents and passions. There is flexibility to create a role or lead a focus group based on individual interests.



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