Dorothy Day


Fall 2015: In the fall, you will begin your journey with the Dorothy Day Social Justice Living Learning Community by attending orientation at your service site at a pre-scheduled time during the first two weeks of the semester. The following week, you will begin service at your site. During your first semester in this program you will be taking PHIL 1001, Philosophy of Human Nature, with Fr. James Flaherty. An overnight retreat will be scheduled in the month of September so that you may become familiar with other participants and begin to understand a shared definition of social justice. In the course of this semester you will be expected to do 30 hours of service at your site, which breaks down into 3 hours per week. 

Spring 2016: In the spring, you will continue to build upon your personal concept of social justice while taking PHIL 2310, Philosophy of Ethics, with Fr. James Flaherty. During this semester you will continue your service at your site from first semester and you will again be expected to complete 30 hours of service. As a participant in DDSJLLC you will have the opportunity to be immersed in the Milwaukee community during a retreat scheduled in the month of February. More details about that retreat will be given as the date approaches.

Throughout your year in the Dorothy Day Social Justice Living Learning Community you will be given the opportunity to learn from the community and begin to identify needs within it. You will be offered many opportunities for reflection and discussion with your RAs, the Diversity Peer Educator in Straz, and the Service Learning Program staff throughout the year as well. As a member of the DDSJLLC you will be encouraged to become more aware of the needs of the community and you will become a leader and an advocate among your peers.



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