Course and site listing for Sarah Feldner

CMST 3200: Organizational Communication

9 to 5 Milwaukee

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Dana Schultz, Milwaukee Organizer

Phone: (414) 274-0925

Address: 207 E. Buffalo St. #211 Milwaukee, WI 53202

Transportation: Get on the #23 - Fond du lac Avenue (Direction:Downtown) at 14th and Wisconsin. Get off at Water and Wisconsin and walk to Buffalo Street.

Approximate travel time by car: 5 Minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 20 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: 9 to 5’s work in Milwaukee has been instrumental in policy changes on issues affecting low-wage women for over two decades. They are a grassroots membership organization made up of low-income women, women transitioning from welfare to work, and women who have experienced discrimination or harassment on the job.

Student Role at Agency: Students will assist the marketing staff with publicity and fundraising projects. The students will also work on projects that bring awareness to the public about the agency’s rallies and demonstrations.

Orientation: Please contact Dana to set up an interview and orientation.

Special Requirements: Students will be required to attend a brief interview to ensure the scheduling, values, and skills match the agency’s basic job duties.


Artists Working in Education Inc.

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Reanna Ottoson

Phone: (414) 933-3877

Address: 4315 W. Vilet St. Milwaukee, WI 53208

Transportation: Catch the #30 bus going west on Wisconsin Ave. Get off at Highland and Vliet St. Walk west three blocks on Vliet St.

                        Approximate travel time by car: 10 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 20 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Artists Working in Education, Inc. (A.W.E.), sponsors professional artists to nurture the imaginations of Milwaukee children by bringing creative visual arts experiences directly to schools, community centers and informal settings such as parks, playgrounds and community events. A.W.E. artists guide children through the process of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Hands-on art activities with professional artists help children develop new ways of seeing the world, enhanced inquisitiveness, creativity, flexibility, imagination, and confidence. A.W.E. believes children deserve the opportunity not only to look at art, talk about art and write about art, but to create art.

Student Role at Agency: A.W.E. is flexible and can accommodate a number of interests relating to organizational communication. Students may work on various projects including: social media management (regularly updating their Facebook, Twitter, and MKE 123 pages as well as two blogs), working on marketing and fund raising events, and conducting interviews to record in archives.

Orientation: Students need to call Reanna to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: Students will need to complete a volunteer application and a background check which can be found at the following website: or on


Benedict Center

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Michele Wink and Jeanne Geraci

Phone: 414-347-1774 ext. 210

Address: 135 W. Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Transportation: Take any eastbound bus (#10, #30) on Wisconsin to Plankinton. Walk one block northwest on Plankinton until Wells. The Benedict Center is located on the corner of Wells and Plankinton, find address.

Approximate Time By Car: 3 minutes

Approximate Time By Bus: 9 minutes

Description of Agency: The Benedict Center is an interfaith, nonprofit criminal justice agency working with victims, offenders and the community to achieve a system of justice that is fair and treats everyone with dignity and respect. They strive for a safe, inclusive and compassionate community where differences are valued and values are respected.Benedict Center offers basic education classes, high school diploma classes, and a variety of support components (Parenting, Job Readiness and Placement, etc.). All of the women involved in the program have at one time in their lives been arrested, usually on a misdemeanor, non-violent charge.

Student Role at Agency: The Benedict Center is in great need of help with their public relations and marketing materials. Students would be asked to help with the following projects:

Special Requirements: Students should understand the mission of the Benedict Center: treating former criminals with dignity and respect, while honoring their ability to change. A passion for social justice issues and an understanding of criminal justice are extremely important.

Orientation: Please contact Michele to set up an orientation.


Boys and Girls Club

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Anton Timms

Phone: (414) 267-8111

Address: 1558 N. 6th St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Transportation: Walk to 6th and W. Wisconsin Ave. Then take the #80 north towards App-Villard.  Get off at 6th and Galena.

                        Approximate travel time by car: 5 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 12 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 1:00-5:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: The Boys and Girls Club is a youth guidance organization offering positive and safe activities for children ages 6 - 18. The Boys and Girls Clubs exist to inspire and empower all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Student Role at Agency: The service learners will be assisting the communications/donor relations department. Tasks may include sending out Volunteer Information Packets to interested volunteers and donors, participating in the Thank-A-Thon to thank consistent donors, planning social events for new volunteers/donors and community donors, and helping evaluate Marquette Service Learning volunteers at 4 different sites. Depending on the service learners’ level of writing, they may be asked to write latter and publications to community partners.

Orientation: Students will need to contact Anton to set-up an individual orientation


Casa Romero/Buena Vida Coffee

Limit: 3 students

Contact: Fr. Dave Shields, S.J.

Phone: 414-224-7564

Address: 423 West Bruce St. Milwaukee, WI 53204

Transportation: Take any eastbound bus (#30,10,14) on Wisconsin Ave. to 6th St. Take the #80 bus south from 6th and Wisconsin Ave. to 6th and Bruce St. Walk east two blocks.

                        Approximate travel time by car: 7 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 15 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Casa Romero Renewal Center is an urban, bilingual spirituality center whose mission is to form and renew individuals, strengthen families and build community in the Ignation tradition. Buena Vida Coffee is a Marquette, student-run, not-for-profit coffee company. Profits from coffee sales support the Sociedad Amigos de los Niños Orphanage in Honduras. The two organizations will be collaborating on a Christmas fundraiser that will raise money for Casa Romero programs.

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will be campaign managers of the Christmas fundraising campaign at Casa Romero, which will use Buena Vida Coffee. Students will work with both organizations to put together a marketing and ad campaign for the fundraiser.

Orientation: Students must contact Fr. Dave to set up an orientation.

Special Requirements: There is a required application for students that can be filled out at orientation and a requirement for previous experience using Adobe design products including Photoshop and InDesign.


Child Development Center of St. Joseph

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Sr. Mary Brendan Bogdan

Phone: (414) 645-5337 ext. 262

Address: 1600 W. Oklahoma, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Transportation: Take the #14 from 16th and Wisconsin west towards Forest Home. Get off at S. 16th and Forest home.  Walk south across the street and take the #19 south towards 20th.  Get off at 20th and Oklahoma.  Walk four blocks east.

                        Approximate travel time by car: 12 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 30 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Early childcare program: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm; St. Joseph Academy: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Description of Agency/Activities: The center is a not-for-profit, community based,early education school for young children on Milwaukee's south side. St. Joseph'scontinuesthe 150 year tradition of theFelician Sisters' commitment to care giving in solidarity with needs of the community. We provide family-focused child development and education within a Christian-oriented environment. Administrators, teachers and staff are dedicated to providing quality programming that develops the whole child while ministering to families. In concert with our mission and values, we believe that families are enriched when children are raised to respect the dignity and self-worth of themselves and others. St. Joseph runs an early childcare program as well as a Milwaukee Parental Choice School, St. Joseph Academy, for elementary students.

Student Role at Agency: The student role will vary depending upon need. There are always “promotions” and activities with which the program could use help.

Orientation: Students will need to call Sr. Mary to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: Students will need to complete an application, background check, and tuberculosis screen. They will also need to be present for an interview.


City of Milwaukee Department of Employee Relations

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Marti Cargile, Human Resources Representative

Phone: (414) 286-8767

Address: 200 E. Wells St, Room 706 (City Hall)

Transportation: Get on the #31 State - Highland (Direction:Downtown) at 12th and Wisconsin. Take to Water and Wisconsin. Get off and walk to Wells. City Hall will be on your left.

Approximate travel time by car: 5 Minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 20 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm, though afternoons are preferred. Arrange specific times with Marti – will work around student’s class schedule.

Description of Agency/Activities:  The employees in the Department of Employee Relations perform a wide variety of important human resources related duties and responsibilities. These activities directly contribute to the selection, development, and retention of a productive and diverse workforce that carries out the City's mission for its citizens. The Staffing Department oversees the staffing needs of the Fire and Police Departments for non-sworn personnel, the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the City of Milwaukee, including the I-9 process, pre-employment drug testing, and other activities. The Compensation Department deals with the following: salary administration, minimum wage, payroll, and other topics. The Employee Benefits Department deals with employee leave of absence, medical leave, worker's compensation, employee medical benefits, and other related issues.

Student Role at Agency: The main area that the student will be assisting with is in the Staffing Division. A Service Learner may perform a variety of tasks, such as conducting surveys, helping in recruiting new employees, and reviewing applications for minimum requirements. The person may use the phone, a computer (Excel, Word), and may, on occasion, have the opportunity to work at an off-site location assisting with test administration.

Orientation: Orientation will be set up individually with Marti.


City of Milwaukee Public Information Division (Common Council – City Clerk’s Office)

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Bill Arnold

Phone: (414) 286-3285

Address: 200 E. Wells St, Room 301-K (City Hall)

Transportation: Get on the #30 or #10 State - Highland (Direction:Downtown) at 12th and Wisconsin. Take to Water and Wisconsin. Get off and walk north on Water St. City Hall is located at 200 E. Wells St.

Approximate travel time by car: 5 Minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 20 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Flexible- will work with your schedule: Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:45pm

Description of Agency: The Public Information Division is responsible for all marketing/PR, social media, web, and media relations for the Milwaukee Common Council – City Clerk’s Office.

Student Role at Agency: Projects include: writing media advisories, conducting research analysis, web writing, updating social media pages, writing newsletter material, etc.  Students might also attend various events such as news conferences, common council meetings, news events, and internal or community receptions.  The student should have an interest in communications, public relations, politics, writing, social media and media relations.

Orientation: Students will need to contact Bill to set up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: A department manager who handles HR duties will explain “work rules” on or near the service learner’s first day, and will also likely conduct an “exit interview” when the service learner’s service time is at or near the end.


City on a Hill

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Brooke Chapman

Phone: (414) 931-6670

Address: 2224 W. Kilbourn Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53233

Transportation: Walk to 22nd and W. Wisconsin Ave.

Approximate travel time by foot: 5 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Tuesdays or Thursdays (morning or afternoons)

Description of Agency/Activities: Located in the heart of Milwaukee - America's 4th poorest city, where more than 62,000 children are living in poverty -City on a Hill is working to bring transformation to central city neighborhoods. Through a collaborative and Christ-centered model of service, City on a Hill is working to restore hope, reduce poverty,strengthen families, and foster racial reconciliation. Their priorities include: educating youth,empoweringparents,equipping leaders for urban ministry, and engaging churches in social justice. Their mission is to save the children, reach the parents and change the city.

Student Role at Agency: Assist with website, social mediastrategies, volunteer recruitment & coordination for events, marketing, and making flyers/brochures for promotion

Orientation: Students will need to contact Brooke to set-up an individual orientation.


CORE/El Centro

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Jillian Holy-Skaja

Phone: (414) 384-2673 or 414-225-4263 (direct line)

Address: 130 W Bruce, 3rd floor, Milwaukee WI 53204

Transportation: Take the #23 bus to 2nd and Bruce St. Walk one block east.

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 15 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by car: 8 minutes

Description of Agency/Activities: CORE/El Centro is a natural healing center particularly for low-income and under-served populations with an emphasis on serving the Hispanic population in Milwaukee. CORE is founded on the central principle that the body's natural ability to heal itself is enhanced when energy medicine is integrated with conventional medicine, cognitive behavioral principles, and spiritual practices. The center offers a variety of services that assist an individual in their personal healing. Some of the bodywork modalities offered are Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Color Therapy, and Acupuncture. The center also provides classes in stress reduction and holistic exercise such as Yoga, Nia, children’s ballet and Zumba. While parents are taking advantage of the many offerings at CORE, children can spend time at the Children's Activities space. Here, they are exposed to fun and healthy games while their parents are participating in exercise classes.

Student Role at Agency: CORE/El Centro has very interesting marketing and communication needs. Their materials as well as our holistic exercise classes are presented bilingually. The student role will be to assist with tasks such as the creation of marketing materials, the promotion of our annual Groov-a-thon dance fundraiser (and assist with the event itself is student schedule permits), and assisting with outreach and communication about our services to the Milwaukee community. As we have recently moved into a fully sustainable “green” building, we are also working on communicating more environmental messages to our children during children’s activities that occur during adult movement classes. Student will be asked to assist with children’s activities 3-4 times during the semester if possible depending on student schedule. The focus of these shifts will be to engage children in activities or games that communicate an environmental message. Student will also participate in some of our holistic exercise classes such as yoga and Nia to experience a bilingual class environment.

Orientation: The student will need to contact Jillian to set-up an individual orientation.


Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion

Limit: 5 Students

Contact: Rev. Dr. Lisa Bates-Froiland


Phone: (414) 238-1043

Address: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1905 Wisconsin Ave.

Transportation: Walk down Wisconsin Ave. to 19th St. Redeemer Lutheran Church will be on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Days/Hours of Operation:  Variable; must be available 10/17, 11/5, and 11/12, 5:30 to 8:30pm.

Description of Agency/Activities: The Zeidler Center for Public Discussion promotes civil conversations on issues of importance. We employ the Public Conversations Method and facilitate small group discussions involving people who may hold sharply divided positions on issues. Trained facilitators use a series of questions designed to foster respectful listening and promote mutual understanding. Mutual understanding may form a solid foundation for conflict resolution or cooperative action. More information about the Zeidler Center can be found at their website:

Student Role(s) in Agency:

Commitment/Requirement: Significant commitment to helping with preparation and execution of three key discussions: “On Economic Fairness and Freedom,” “On Democracy,” (night before Presidential election) and “On War” (Monday following the election – Veteran’s Day).

Orientation: By appointment with director, Dr. Lisa Bates-Froiland ( or (414) 238-1043. Students will also have significant direction from Mr. Matt Sweeney, Project Director of the Beyond Polarization Dialogues (


Hunger Task Force

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Scott Marshall

Phone: (414) 238-6474

Address: 201 Hawley Court, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Transportation: Take the #10 west from 16th and Wisconsin Ave.  Get off at 55th and Wisconsin.  Walk one block west to Hawley and take the #64 south on Hawley.  Get off at Hawley and Parkhill. 

                        Approximate travel time by car: 10 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 25 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Thursday 2:00-5:00pm or Friday 9:00am-12:00pm or Friday 2:00-5:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Ending Hunger is Our Mission. Hunger Task Force believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. Hunger Task Force works to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today and by promoting social policies to achieve a hunger free community tomorrow. We attack the issue of Hunger on two fronts: Advocacy and Food Banking.

Student Role at Agency: Service Learners will update the Hunger Task Force website and Facebook page with public food drive information. The work will consist mostly of data entry with a little graphic design. Service learners will be in an office environment with many people to answer questions about office culture and methods of communication.

Orientation: Students will need to contact Scott to set-up an individual orientation.


Jewish Home and Care Center

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Beth Draper

Phone:  (414) 277-8848

Address: 1414 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Transportation: Get on the #30 at 16th or 10th and Wisconsin towards downtown. Get off Prospect and Curtis.

Approximate travel time by car: 10 minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 15 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Jewish Home and Care Center provides our Jewish community with those services that enable our seniors or infirm to be a part of a quality Jewish environment, with comfort, independence, and dignity. Jewish Home and Care Center provides services to people of all faiths needing short-term rehabilitation care and therapy, as well as those in need of long-term residential care.

Student Role at Agency: Students can take on various roles within the Jewish Home and Care Center. They have the opportunity to assist the activities staff in providing enriching programming experiences both at the facility and out in the community at large. Students can help in conducting research as well as creating/updating social media pages.  The students can assist in creating a volunteer newsletter and designing other brochures.  Other projects available for service learners include, but are not limited to, devising communication plan and assisting in the department of Human Resources with hiring and screening.

Orientation: Students can call Beth to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: Jewish Home and Care Center requires all volunteers to fill out JHCC volunteer applications, and background check forms. They are required to go through a one hour on-site orientation, and our students are asked to perform at least two hours of service per week during the semester. Consistency and punctuality are very important to our residents.


Journey House

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Cherise Myers

Phone: (414) 647-0548 ext. 2224

Address: 2110 W. Scott Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Transportation: Catch any bus going south (#14) across the 16th St. bridge; get off at Scott Street; walk five blocks west to 21st Street.

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 17 minutes

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 8 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday, 10:00am-9:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Established in 1969, Journey House is grounded in the philosophy that Education is a Family Journey. We embody this belief through our mission of working with the community utilizing a self-help philosophy in order to increase education, reduce unemployment and crime, strengthen families, and revitalize neighborhoods. Journey House begins with the conviction that everyone has (a) the right to a high quality of life and (b) the basic assets for attaining it. At the same time, members of urban Milwaukee communities face challenges to their quality of life, and must therefore develop specific academic, employment, and life skills in order to become full participants in the benefits and responsibilities of civic society. For this reason, Journey House exists as a community-based opportunity oasis where men, women, and children on Milwaukee’s diverse Near South Side can build these vital skills and reach their goals.

Student Role at Agency: Students will be working in the community relations department and will assist with any of the following: events, marketing, social media, website content, and generating flyers and brochures.

Orientation: Students will need to call Cherise to set-up an individual orientation.


March of Dimes

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Jodi Legge

Phone: (414) 203-3119


Address: 5225 N. Ironwood Road, Milwaukee, WI 53217 (Located only ½ a mile from Bayshore Towne Center)

Transportation: Take the #49 West towards downtown from 10th and Wisconsin.  Get off at North Shore and Parkride. (15 minutess total walking) Walk South on Port Washington Rd.  Turn right onto Lexington Blvd.  Then take a left onto N. Ironwood Rd.

Approximate travel time by car: 12 Minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 30 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Description of Agency/Activities: The Mission of the March of Dimes is to prevent prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality by funding research, programs and advocacy nationwide. Our history goes back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the eradication of polio via the polio vaccine given to every baby. The March of Dimes Milwaukee Division is the fundraising arm that supports programs in Southeastern Wisconsin. We fundraise for the cause through 3 major events: March for Babies, Signature Chef’s Auction and Drive for Babies.

Student Role at Agency: Service Learners will be asked to assist with communications, website and social media updates, marketing, fundraising (assisting with proposals and phone calls), and special events. In particular, Service Learners will help prepare for Signature Chefs on September 27 and March for Babies in April.

Commitment: Orientation at the site, 4 hours per week scheduled by student and agency. Students need to dress professionally at this office place. Recommended for students with cars because of the travel distance.

Orientation: Students must email or call Jodi to set up an orientation. She will be the main contact until a new division director is selected.


Messmer High School

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Rose Richard

Phone: 414.264.5440 ext. 1262

Address: 742 W. Capitol Drive

Transportation: Option 1: Take the #30 bus towards downtown. Disembark on 6th Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Transfer to the #80 bus towards App-Villard (north). After about 25 stops, disembark on Capitol Drive and head east. Messmer High School is located just east of Highway 43 on the corner of Capitol Drive and N. 7th Street.

Approximate Time By Car:10 Minutes

Approximate Time By Bus:35 Minutes

Days hours of Operations: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm

Description of Agency: Messmer High School is dedicated to serving a diverse, urban population and providing its students with an education that represents the school’s Catholic heritage.

Student Role at Agency: Students may choose to either work in Messmer’s Development Office, assisting with event planning, organizing databases, writing articles, and drafting letters or to work with Rose and help launch a new Community Learning Center at Messmer.

Orientation: Contact Rose to set up an orientation.

Special Requirements: Messmer Human Resource Office will perform background checks.


Milwaukee Christian Center

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Trisha Speers and Barbara Wyatt Sibley

Phone: 414-645-5350 ext. 118 (Trisha) and 414-645-5350 ext. 108 (Barbara)

Address: 2137 W. Greenfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Transportation: Take a westbound Wisconsin Ave. bus (#10, #30, #31) to 27th St. Get off and take the #27 bus SOUTH to Greenfield Ave. Get off and take either the #19 bus east to 21st or walk to 22nd St.

Approximate Travel Time by Bus: 20 minutes
Approximate Travel Time by Car: 9 minutes

Days hours of Operations: Flexible, 2 to 3 hours per week, Monday through Friday hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm. Hours need to be consistent each week.

Description of Agency: The Milwaukee Christian Center (MCC), was founded in 1921 by an American Baptist missionary to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrant children on the south side of Milwaukee. Over time, MCC developed into a multi-faceted social service and neighborhood development agency that serves families, youth, and the elderly. MCC believes that all people have the inherent worth and deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity and love. MCC exists to offer hope and support to individuals and families while providing a safe and nurturing environment to people of all cultures, faiths and walks of life. MCC currently offers a variety of programs including: an emergency food pantry, senior adult program, neighborhood improvement project, juvenile justice programs and youth programs at 3 separate sites.

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will be directly responsible for rewriting all of MCC current brochures and content for our website. Other opportunities will present for students upon timing. Students will have the ability to work directly with all supervisors and managers at MCC to learn more about each program MCC offers to our community. Students will rewrite the following:

Orientation: Overview of the agency will be given. Please contact Trisha to set up orientation.

Special Requirements: Ability to be a creative writer along with ability to tell our story to get funders and readers excited about the agency.


Milwaukee College Prep

Limit: 1 student or 2 students wiling to come at the same time

Contact: Maggie Broeren

Phone:  (414) 445-8020 ext. 292

Address: 36th Street Campus: 2449 North 36th Street (This location is preferred, though if students are riding the bus, they may complete service at the Lloyd St. campus) or Lloyd Street Campus: 1228 West Lloyd Street

Transportation for the 36th Street Campus: Take the #30 or the #10 westbound from Wisconsin Avenue to 35th Street. Transfer to the #35 going northbound and disembark on West Meinecke Avenue. This stop occurs one block after North Avenue. Head one block west on Meinecke to 36th street. The school is on the 36th street block between West Meinecke and West Wright. By car: Take Wells Street to 35th Street and turn right. Travel north about 1.5 miles on 35th Street. Continue on 35th Street until Wright Street (it comes after the PicknSave grocery store) Turn Left onto Wright Street and another immediate left on 36th Street. This is the block where Milwaukee College Prep is located. Parking lot is next to school.

Approximate Travel Time by Bus:28 minutes

Approximate Travel Time by Car:8 minutes

Transportation for the Lloyd Street Campus: Take the #12 bus northbound from Wisconsin Ave. and 12th St. to Lloyd St. Disembark on Lloyd St. and head West (left) on Lloyd. The school is located on the right.

Approximate Travel Time by Bus:13 minutes

Approximate Travel Time by Car:7 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Hours should be consistent from week to week.

Description of Agency/Activities: Milwaukee College Prep is an elementary and middle charter public school. There is an unrelenting focus on academic achievement and character development. They embrace a philosophy of love and hard-work coupled with a college-bound curriculum grounded in basic skills, outstanding literature and moral virtues. In partnership with parents, they provide an environment of high expectations and accountability that equips all students with the choice to determine their success in life. In addition to the core curriculum of phonics, poetry, vocabulary, foreign language and mathematics, MCP offers physical education, art and music classes once per week in elementary and twice per week in Middle School. Many students stay after school to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will evaluate current communication modes, both electronic and written and analyze the flow of communication between the volunteer coordinator and potential volunteers. Service learners will also assist with marketing material for the 15th anniversary event, which will include proofing the material.

Orientation: The student will need to call Maggie to set-up and individual orientation.

Special Requirements: If two students wish to serve at this agency, they must be able to serve on the same day and at the same time each week.


Pan African Community Association (PACA)

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Christiana Attere, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (414) 442-5864

Address: 4063 N 64th St. Milwaukee, WI 53216

Transportation: By Bus:Take the BLU Bus towards Fdl-National Metroexpress – To Park Pl./Liberty. Get off at Fonddulac and Ely and walk toward N 56th St. Turn left on N 56th St. followed by right onto W Hope Ave. Continue to walk to N 64th St. and turn left. Site will be one block past Morse Marshall High School on your right. By Car:Head west on Wisconsin Ave., turn right at 16th St. and continue on to North 17th St. Turn left onto West Fon Du Lac Ave. Turn left on West Capitol Dr. Turn right on N 64th St. Site will be on the left, and parking is located in the back.

Approximate Travel By Car: 15 minutes

Approximate Travel By Bus: 45 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm and 2:00-4:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: The Pan-African Community Association, a non-profit community organization unites all people of African descent in the Greater Milwaukee area and beyond with the motto of "Many Faces, One Strength!" It brings resources and expertise together and matches them with the needs of our community; especially recent African Immigrants and Refugees, helping them transition and integrate smoothly into a new society and economic structure.

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will help recruit volunteers and update volunteer records. This will include talking with schools about volunteering and updating spreadsheets of current volunteers.

Orientation: The students will call Christiana to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: It is essential for students who wish to be placed here to be self-motivated and work with little direction. Projects will be assigned, but it is up to the students themselves to be able to take the project and run with it.


Redline Milwaukee

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Lori Bauman and Steve Vande Zande

Phone: (414) 491-9088

Address: 1422 North 4th St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Transportation: Get on the #12 – 43RD (Direction:Brown Deer) at 12th and Wisconsin. Get off at 12th and Vliet cross the highway and walk along Vliet.  Take a left onto 4th St. and walk half a block to Redline Milwaukee.

Approximate Travel by car: 5 Minutes

Approximate Travel by bus: 20 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm. Some flexibility with other days.

Description of Agency/Activities: Redline Milwaukee is an arts and education incubator with goals of access, professional development and social justice.  They meet these goals through three programs: education, exhibition, and residency.

Student Role at Agency: Volunteers will be responsible for helping create and implement a social media-marketing plan and promote social events.

Orientation: The student will need to call Lori/Steve to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: Students must fill out a short background check/questionnaire.


United Community Center (UCC)

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Gladys Torres

Phone: 414-384-3100 ext. 4724


Address: 1028 S. 9th St.

Transportation: Walk or take any eastbound bus to 6th and Wisconsin. Take the #80 south to 6th and National. Walk to 1028 S. 9th St. Or take the #14 bus from 12th and Wisconsin or 16th and Wisconsin. The bus will head across the 16th street viaduct, and continue south down Cesar Chavez Drive (16th Street). Disembark at W. National Ave. and S. 16th Street. Take the #18 bus east to W. National Ave. and 9th St. Walk about two blocks south to the site, at 1028 S. 9th Street.

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 10 minutes
Approximate Travel Time by Bus: 25 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Thursday 9:00-11:00am or Thursday 1:00-3:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities:The United Community Center (UCC) is a private, nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to serving Latinos and residents of Milwaukee's near south side. Their 34 years of experience in serving the Hispanic community has led to the design of specialized, culturally competent services which reach the entire family. Services include Bruce Guadalupe Community School, programming for middle and high school students, and programs for seniors in the Adult Day Center and Senior Center.

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will serve as Marketing Special Events Assistants. They will assist the Marketing Events Coordinator with upcoming special events and fundraisers. Duties will include: organizing rental orders, organizing and assembling raffle items, assisting with special projects, preparing event supplies, and writing and printing thank you letters.

Orientation: Students MUST be able to attend an orientation on one of the following days: Friday, September 7 from 9:00-10:00am or from 2:00-3:00pm OR Tuesday, September 11 from 9:00-10:00am or 2:00-3:00pm.

Special Requirements: Students must complete a background check and volunteer application at the Service Learning Program office when signing up (please bring necessary materials including driver’s license and references). Students must dress professionally when at UCC.


Voces de la Frontera

Limit: 1 student

Contact: Joe Shansky

Phone: (414) 218-3331


Address: 1027 S. 5th St. Milwaukee, WI 53204

Transportation: Walk to 6th and Wisconsin Ave.  Then take the #80 south towards the airport.  Get off at 6th and Washington.  Walk one block east on Washington and then half a block north on 5th St.

                        Approximate travel time by car: 8 minutes

                        Approximate travel time by bus: 25 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: 9:00am-5:00pm. Schedule is flexible and some work could be done remotely.

Description of Agency/Activities: Voces de la Frontera has provides dedicated leadership to immigrant, worker & civil rights.Onsite is a low-wage and immigrant worker's center that opened in Nov. 2001. The center was created to respond to the immediate problems low-wage immigrant workers face. The center provides a legal clinic where workers can obtain free legal advice about labor and civil rights, as well as ongoing English language and citizenship classes. The agency also engages in organizing with low wage and immigrant workers and students (high school and college) for positive community change. Ongoing campaigns include humane immigration reform and access to higher education for immigrants.

Student Role at Agency: Voces would like assistance in graphic design and web design by a student who is already well-versed in one or both of these fields. The student will gain practical experience implementing their skills; however, since these are areas that the agency is not very familiar with, the student should be able to work independently.

Orientation: Student will need to contact Joe to set-up an individual orientation.

Special Requirements: Student MUST be competent in either graphic design or web design. Student should have an interest in social justice and worker rights. Bilingual (Spanish/English) is a plus, but not necessary.


Volunteers of America of Wisconsin

Limit: 2 students

Contact: Theresa Clark

Phone: (414) 847-1515


Address: 1661 N. Water Street, Suite 410 Milwaukee, WI 53202

Transportation: Take the #30 Sherman-Wisconsin (Direction: Maryland) from 14th and Wisconsin east to the intersection of Wisconsin and Plankinton. Walk across river and Water Street to bus stop.  Get on #15 Oaklank-Kinnickinnic (Direction: Bayshore) and take to Water and Jackson. Destination is back one block down Water at 1661 N Water.

Approximate travel time by car: 8 Minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 22 Minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm     

Description of Agency/Activities:  A national, nonprofit, spiritually based organization providing local human service programs, and other opportunities for individual and community involvement. More detail about who they are/what they do can be found on their website (

Student Role at Agency: Students have the opportunity to assist with social media communications (facebook and LinkedIn), to write articles for the newsletter, and to do photography for the agency. Students may also assist with the implementation of marketing, communications, and development plans and assist with mailing lists and the annual appeal. In additional if a student is interested in working the annual fall fundraiser event on September 13th in Elm Grove, let Theresa know ASAP.

Orientation: Students must contact Theresa to arrange an individual orientation.



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