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Shared governance at Marquette is not possible without the participation of faculty, staff, administrators and students, so we sincerely appreciate your interest in serving on the Academic Senate and/or university committees. Each of the committees listed below provides valuable forums for discussion on issues of concern to the Marquette community, including policies on curriculum, grievances, and faculty development.  Contact Maura Moyle, chair of the Committee on Committees and Elections, if you are a faculty member interested in serving on the University Academic Senate or one of the committees/boards listed below.

University Academic Senate

The University Academic Senate (UAS) is a deliberative body whose responsibilities include academic planning, review and evaluation of academic programs, and formulation and appraisal of initiatives and policies relevant to the faculty and the academic mission of the university. Its conclusions on university policy, academic planning and evaluation will represent the official collective stance of the Academic Division. The Provost, who has ultimate responsibility for all executive decisions and actions within the Academic Division of the university, will report the conclusions of the UAS to the appropriate authorities outside the Academic Division, along with her or his own conclusions. Recommendations of the University Academic Senate shall be subject to the approval of the President and the Trustees.

Faculty Hearing Committee

The Faculty Hearing Committee (FHC) is an advisory body in cases of contested appointment, non-renewal, suspension, or termination of faculty for absolute or discretionary cause.  The FHC also considers written complaints in which a faculty member alleges that an administrative decision affecting the complainant is unfair, unjust, or in violation of established policies, procedures, or statutes of Marquette University.

Sabbatical Review Committee

The Sabbatical Review Committee reviews sabbatical plans and reports to the Provost its approval of those plans that reasonably promise to contribute to university and faculty development. It recommends applications for competititve sabbatical fellowships and reviews reports of sabbatical work done, requiring additional documentation as appropriate, and communicates to the Provost its evaluation of the work and acceptance of the report. It also considers the nature and purpose of the sabbatical program and makes recommendations to the Provost for its enhancement.

Committee on University Honors

The Committee on University Honors is an advisory body that generates, discusses, and reviews nominations regarding honorary degrees and provides counsel to the Provost and President. The committee is comprised of faculty, student, staff, and alumni representatives. All honorary degrees must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

University Library Board

The University Library Board is advisory to the Dean of Libraries on matters pertaining to the provision of library services by Raynor Memorial Libraries as they affect the teaching and research of faculty and the learning environment of students.

University Board for Student Media

The University Board for Student Media is the committee of the University Academic Senate that oversees Marquette University's student media. The Board establishes and oversees policies regarding student media operations and the student media budget. It establishes and maintains advertising, editorial and operational policies; hears complaints and appeals about student media and makes recommendations as appropriate to the Dean or Provost; and selects the leaders of each of the student media platforms.