Chair of the University Academic Senate: Dr. Allison Abbott, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

University Academic Senate is central to shared governance at Marquette. As stated in the statutes for the UAS, "shared governance improves communication, collegiality, and decision-making about the academic mission and about the effective and efficient use of University resources in keeping with strategic initiatives.” In practice, shared governance can be challenging and messy work as faculty and administrators work together to make Marquette the best it can be. We are blessed with faculty members who are passionate about their work and about the mission of Marquette. I will strive to strengthen and improve faculty engagement and participation in UAS and its sub-committees. I hope to improve communication from Senators to the areas they represent and communication back to UAS so that we can be as representative of the needs across campus as possible. UAS has important work on its agenda including improving shared governance in budgeting and financial planning, advancing our goals in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as advocating for the needs of our participating faculty member colleagues. I am so appreciative of the work of all Senators who work to achieve these goals.


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