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Stacy Wollner Gauthier, Eng '93, Grad '95, and <br>
Michael  T. Gauthier, Eng �93

Stacy Wollner Gauthier, Eng '93, Grad '95
and Michael T. Gauthier, Eng '93

Young Alumni of the Year Award

College of Engineering

Young Alumni of the Year Award

Stacy Wollner Gauthier, Eng '93, Grad '95, and
Michael T. Gauthier, Eng '93

Michael is president, Stacy vice president. He manages, she markets. She strategizes, he engineers. Together, they run the company. But they're not just married to their jobs. They're married to each other. Get ready for The Gauthiers.

OK, so it's not a TV show. But it could be. Two brainy young engineering students meet at Marquette, marry, start a family and a company. Who wouldn't watch? Actually, medical professionals have been tuning in regularly during the past 10 years, fueling the steady growth of Gauthier Biomedical Inc., the company the couple launched in 2000.

Gauthier Biomedical designs, develops and manufactures its own proprietary line of orthopedic surgical instruments used in spine, trauma and joint replacement operations. The company also provides contract-manufacturing services for other medical device makers.

"I enjoy creating new and innovative products that solve an industry need," Michael says. Stacy adds: "I'm proud that we grew Gauthier Biomedical to what it is today. It's our desire to have Gauthier instruments be the surgical instruments of choice."

All this and a family, too.

"Our personal success is centered around our family," Stacy says. "We take time to be with each other and to be involved with our children — and make sure this is a priority."

When asked if Marquette contributed to their success, the Gauthiers respond, "Absolutely." They learned the discipline of following through and the importance of always challenging their own answers. Both benefited from the College of Engineering's Co-op Program, as well.

"The industry experience we received was a huge head start at graduation," Michael says.

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