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Mary Glasow McShane, Arts '68, and <br>
James  A. McShane, Eng '68

Kelly Glasow McShane, Arts '68, and
Jim A. McShane, Eng '68

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Alumni Service to Marquette Award

Kelly Glasow McShane, Arts '68, and Jim A. McShane, Eng '68

You can't build without a solid foundation. Just ask Jim and Kelly McShane.

Jim, an engineer by training, builds and develops commercial real estate as founder and chief executive of The McShane Cos. Kelly, a school psychologist, focuses on providing the essential support and services foundational to building better lives for children in need.

Both McShanes recognize the key role education plays in building a bright future. In 2007, they donated $5 million to establish Marquette's McShane Chair in Construction and Engineering Management.

"Kelly and I have always valued our education from Marquette University," Jim says. "Our business demonstrates the need for highly skilled engineers, especially with construction management expertise. We hope that our gift will ensure that Marquette engineering students help fill this need."

Beyond their support of Marquette, Jim and Kelly have devoted their time and financial resources to building up others through the relief organization Concern Worldwide U.S., where Jim serves on the board of directors.

"We were in Haiti last year and have been providing support for education, water initiatives and road-building equipment to help people provide food and water to their families," Jim says.

They were scheduled to return to Haiti in February but had to cancel the trip because of the devastating January earthquake. Instead, they sent planeloads of emergency supplies to do what they could to provide a solid foundation for the nation's recovery.