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Marquette University Alumni Association

All-University Award Recipients

Alumna of the Year Award

Rhona E. VogelRHONA E. VOGEL, BUS AD '76
Brookfield, Wis.

Rhona was one of just a handful of female accounting students in her class. Today, she’s CEO of Vogel Consulting Group, the high net worth wealth management firm she founded more than 20 years ago.

Professional Achievement Award

Dr.Richard J. Kitz DR. RICHARD J. KITZ, ARTS '51, MED '54, HON DEG '00
Westwood, Mass.

Richard used his medical degree to influence countless other aspiring physicians. His distinguished career includes 30 years at Harvard Medical School, where he was faculty dean for clinical affairs and the Henry Isaiah Dorr Professor of Research and Teaching in Anesthesia and Anesthetics.

Service to the Community Award

Susan Brooks Murphy SUSAN BROOKS MURPHY, ARTS ’68
Cleveland, Ohio

Compassion is a consistent theme in Susie’s resume, and it captures the essence of her remarkable career as a social worker and long-time volunteer.


Service to Marquette Award

Lawrence M. Kean and Jane Niederehe KeanLAWRENCE M. KEAN, BUS AD '74, GRAD '09,

Wauwatosa, Wis.

Marquette has always meant a lot to Larry and Jane. It was where they first met. It became home away from home for their daughters. And it continues to pull them back as active alumni who are always ready to step up and support their alma mater.

Spirit of Marquette Award

Frank J. Esposito FRANK J. ESPOSITO, JR., CFA, BUS AD '94

A grandmother’s gift put Frank on the path to a career in investment management, using skills he learned at Marquette. Today, he and his wife Valerie embrace Marquette’s mission through their work with a Cristo Rey school.


Friend of the University Award


Throughout his career, Senator Herb Kohl consistently supported the priorities of his constituents in Wisconsin and saw Marquette as a significant partner in those efforts.