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Marquette University Alumni Association

All-University Recipients

Service to Marquette Award

Victoria Arbella Wallace and Michael Wallace

Annapolis, Md.

Mike and Vicki made the most of their time at Marquette. Mike performed with the cheerleaders as the university mascot and was battalion commander of the NROTC unit, president of the NROTC’s Anchor and Chain Society, and a member of the Triangle fraternity. Vicki stayed busy with Kappa Beta Gamma sorority, her nursing clinicals and a part-time job as an operating room technician at St. Joseph’s Hospital. They fell in love.

And when life and careers pulled them across the country, they stayed close to the alma mater that brought them together. The Wallaces created endowed funds to support faculty scholars in the Opus College of Engineering and College of Nursing and supported the construction of Engineering Hall and nursing's Center for Clinical Simulation. Mike was a member of the Opus College of Engineering’s National Advisory Council, and Vicki served on her reunion committee. They also attend and host Marquette events on the East Coast whenever they can. “When we share our time, treasure and talent, success follows on many levels,” Vicki says.

The Wallaces bring that same dedication to all they do. Mike began his career as an officer in the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine force before moving into the corporate world, where he held prominent positions in the energy industry. Vicki worked as a clinical nurse and then for the University of Illinois’ College of Nursing, implementing community health programs in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. Eventually she became a health care consultant and spent a decade on the board of a Catholic hospital. They’ve given their time to numerous charitable organizations.

Vicki says Marquette encouraged her to always do her best. “I ask myself: ‘Am I burning calories in matters of faith, leadership and service?’ ” she says. “I think when we depart this world, it should be a better place because we were here. The Marquette experience inspires this.”

Now retired, they continue to give back in other ways. Mike is a senior member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which advises the U.S. president on homeland security matters, and he frequently advises senior government officials and CEOs on critical infrastructure protection, especially grid security. At the encouragement of U.S. government leaders, he accepted an invitation to join the board of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp. to help build and operate nuclear plants in the United Arab Emirates to Western standards. He travels to the region about six times a year, and Vicki often accompanies him.

They also direct the Michael and Victoria Wallace Family Foundation and strive to teach their children and grandchildren the values they learned at Marquette.

“We work to pass on the noble nature of the Marquette mission and the responsibility to give back as caring people, making a difference in any way that God gives us the opportunity to do so,” Mike says.