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Sturtevant, Wis.

In Glen’s 25-year career as a pathologist, he has learned two things: Marquette excellently prepared him to be a laboratory medical director, making him “hospital savvy,” and excellently prepared him to be a leader with his staff, whom he says are his extended family.

“Throughout my career, I’ve found that my undergraduate education has helped me better understand the needs of the lab and medical staff,” says Glen, who works at Wheaton Franciscan’s All Saints Hospital in Racine, Wis. “Not only do I do my job, but I take care of my staff — my office door is always open, and I treat the lab staff as a big family.”

Also, Glen has for decades returned to Marquette to present lectures about blood gases and electrolytes to senior clinical laboratory sciences, as well as hosted several continuing education seminars for practicing clinical laboratory scientists.

“I love my career,” he says. “I measure success as living comfortably and liking your life.”

Glen’s short-term plans include a lab inspection trip to Hawaii and continuing his work in two hospitals. In the long term, he’d like to see his daughter through college, then work as a lab inspector for the College of American Pathologists.

Outside work, Glen lives the Marquette mission through his commitment to volunteering. He has been a registered leader with the Boy Scouts of America for 19 years, having held nearly every position in scouting, as well as serves as a hospitality minister at his church and plays the trumpet at church every Christmas and Easter.

Fun Facts

Hometown: South Milwaukee, Wis.

Favorite quote: “Murphy’s Law — ‘If anything can go wrong, it will.’ So I am ready, and I get over it.”

Dream dinner guest: “My grade school and high school band director, Sharon Awe, so I could thank her for being a great teacher and person.”

Marquette faculty or staff member who had an impact on you, and how: “Alice Semrad was the one who inspired me to do well at Marquette. I really respected her. Drs. Linda Milson and Linda Laatsch were my favorite instructors because they were not only teachers, but they were friends to the students.”

Favorite Marquette memory: “Playing in the band in the 1977 NCAA championship year.”

When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up, and why? “I don't remember what I wanted to be as a child. I don't think I ever thought of being a doctor.”

Most influential person: “My dad has been the most influential person in my life. I got my sense of humor from him, and I learned a lot about people and life from him. I still try to control my temper with one of his favorite lines: ‘Win the argument, lose the sale.’ ”