Asian architecture



Please reference the Undergraduate Bulletin for requirements and additional information for an interdisciplinary minor in Asian Studies. The minor requires a total of 18 credits of coursework with one required course-HIST 1701 (East Asia, formerly HIST 1501).

Things to keep in mind if when considering an Asian Studies Minor:

1) Students can add or drop any minor by completing the minor request/updatePDF Icon form at any point during their Marquette career (before graduation). Completing the declaration form early helps us keep track of students, insures that students are on track with coursework required for the minor, and informs students of employment, grant and study abroad opportunities.

2) Since there are constantly new Asia-related courses being created at Marquette, not all of them will be listed in the Asian Studies minor bulletin. But you can contact the coordinator of the program, Michael Wert, to have those courses petitioned. The paperwork for petitioning a course that you’ve taken at Marquette, or at another institution, can be found under the minor/major waiver request formPDF Icon.

3) Course credit limitations: Under the new changes to the College of Arts and Sciences, nine credits have to be "unique" to the minor. This means that three courses can overlap between minors and majors. Under the current (spring 2015) curriculum, only two courses (6-8 credits) can double count towards a major and minor, or a minor and another minor. For example: If you take “Age of the Samurai” and “Modern China,” both courses can count towards both a History major and Asian Studies minor, but then taking “Modern Japan” only counts for one or the other. History and Political Science majors need to be particularly cautious about this issue.

4) Transfer and study abroad students: At least nine credits in the minor must be taken at Marquette.