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What is the Marquette endowment?

The Marquette endowment is the permanent capital of the university. The single purpose of the endowment is to enhance fiscal stability and strengthen the mission of the university by supporting student scholarships, academic programs, and salaries for faculty and staff.

What is the market value of Marquette’s endowment?

The endowment performance summary webpage posts the fiscal year end market value.

Who sets the endowment policy?

The endowment policy is recommended by the chief investment officer to the members of the Investment Committee and then presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Why are gifts important to Marquette University?

Consistent, annual giving is the financial lifeblood sustaining the university's day-to-day mission of delivering a transformational education characterized by excellence, faith, leadership and service.

Every year, the university supplements thousands of dollars of tuition for each student and helps fund research grants and fellowships to attract and retain the very best faculty. Investments are long-term in nature and are subject to short-term market fluctuation. Donor support not only helps smooth out the impact of short-term market volatility on endowment payout, but it also increases the amount of money being invested, making larger investment returns possible.

Who is responsible for fundraising for the endowment?

University Advancement is responsible for fundraising in support of the mission of the university, its faculty and students.

What is the minimum amount required to establish a named scholarship endowment at Marquette University?

The minimum amount to establish a named endowment scholarship is $50,000 for graduate or professional level scholarships and $100,000 for undergraduate scholarships.

Can I make contributions to my endowed scholarship?

Yes. Contributions can be made by anyone interested in contributing to the fund. Please contact University Advancement at (414) 288-4469.

How long does it take for my newly established endowed scholarship fund to provide a scholarship for a student?

When the fund reaches its threshold, the spendable amount is made available the following fiscal year.

What is Marquette endowment’s spending rate?

Spending allotments will begin with the flat amount allocated to each individual account for the prior fiscal year and new gift additions to the endowment paying out 5 percent of the gift amount. Each new fiscal year, a decision about whether there should be an inflation increase is made. A risk control mechanism will be employed to keep spending within a range of 4-6 percent of market value for the asset allocation policy to work, with a minimum target rate of return of 8 percent (5 percent average spending and 3 percent inflation)

Why does the value of an endowment fund fluctuate?

Gifts to the fund can increase the market value. Endowment distribution can decrease the market value. Investment earnings can increase or decrease the value, depending on market returns.

How are the university endowment funds invested?

The Office of Endowment makes investment recommendations to the Investment Committee, which comprises Marquette senior management professionals. Marquette's chief investment officer and other investment staff then work with money manager specialists who manage the endowment's assets.

Who Should I contact if I have a question about my endowed scholarship?

For information on how to make donations and gifts to Marquette, please contact Luba Aganina, donor relations officer, at or (414) 288-4469.


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About the Office of Endowment

The Office of Endowment is responsible for the strategic investment direction of the university's endowment assets and serves as a liaison to both internal and external investment planning parties. Investment responsibilities include oversight of outside investment management firms, relations with investment consultants, and general monitoring of all aspects of endowment management.