Record Group 1 of Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records
Scope and Content: BCIM Series 8-1 Native American Language and Pictorial Print Publications

Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, Series 8, Native American Language and Pictorial Records/ Recordings: The records include language-based and pictorial catechisms, Christian prayer books, hymnals, and choir recordings, Bibles, the Lord's Prayer, health care writings, and bilingual dictionaries and language learning aids collected by the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions with additions by Marquette University.Those titles that are included in Marqcat, the catalog of the Marquette University Libraries, are noted by the call numbers following their respective titles in the listing of contents. Most titles are rare books and/or recordings; a few are unpublished manuscripts. Over 30 native languages are represented. 

These records are not included in the microfilm edition. For more information, please consult with the archives staff.

Series 8-1: Print Publications: This series includes print publications for Native American languages and mnemonic symbols and pictures.

Native Languages/ Ethnic Groups Represented

Both sub-series are arranged alphabetically by language and there under by title. Items using more than one language are arranged according to the first language used and undated items appear at the end of that language. In Sub-Series 8-1, materials added after 1985 appear at the end of the series according to the established pattern. Cross-referencing notes are included to facilitate navigation among all languages represented within the two sub-series. An asterisk (*) below indicates instrumental and/or English language music pertaining to that ethnic group, which does not use that indigenous language.

Algonquin: 8-1

Kiowa: 8-2

Arapaho: 8-1

Kootenai: 8-1

Atsina (Gros Ventre): 8-1

Maricopa: 8-2*

California tribes: 8-1, 8-2

Mohawk: 8-1, 8-2

Catholic Ladders (mnemonic, pictorial): 8-1

Navajo (Diné): 8-1, 8-2

 Cherokee: 8-2*

Nez Perce (Numipu): 8-1

Cheyenne: 8-1

Ojibwa (Chippewa, Ojibwe): 8-1, 8-2

Chinook: 8-1

Oneida: 8-2; see also Iroquoian

Choctaw: 8-1

Onondaga: 8-1; see also Iroquoian

Coeur d'Alene (Skitswish): 8-1

Osage: 8-1

Comanche: 8-2

Ottawa (Odawa): 8-1

Creek (Muskogee): 8-1

Pima (Akimel O'odham): 8-1

 Crow (Absaroki): 8-1

Plains Indian Sign Language (mnemonic): 8-2

Cupeño: 8-1, 8-2*; see also California tribes

Salish (Flathead): 8-1, 8-2

Dakota (Sioux, Lakota, Assiniboine): 8-1, 8-2

Siksika (Blackfeet, Blackfoot): 8-1

Delaware: 8-1

Snohomish (Tulalip): 8-1

Eskimo (Inuit, Yupik): 8-1

Spokane (Flathead): 8-1, 8-2; see also Kalispel

Hopi: 8-1

Tewa: 8-2

Iroquoian (Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca): 8-1; see also Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga

Winnebago (Ho-Chunk): 8-1

Kalispel (Flathead): 8-1

Yakama: 8-1


Unidentified: 8-1

Native Language Texts: Additional writings are also included in Series 1-1 (Monsignor William Ketcham correspondence in Choctaw, 1901-1920, and Christian prayers in various languages, 1931-1932), 14-1 (newspapers in Dakota and Ojibwa), and 16-1-4 (readers for Indian children in Dakota and Navajo). Select texts have been reformatted to PDF and are available on request.

Catholic "Ladder" Pictorial Catechisms: See also "Catholic Ladder Pictorial Catechisms," within In the Spotlight, January 2009.   Included are related images from the Holy Rosary Mission-Red Cloud Indian School and St. Francis Mission records. Narrative texts pertaining to the Blanchet, De Smet and Lacombe catechisms have been reformatted to PDF and are available on request.