The Dorothy Day - Catholic Worker Collection
Secondary and Audiovisual Sources

Scope and Content

Series W-7.1, Writings Pertaining to the Catholic Worker Movement: Books, Dissertations, and Pamphlets, 1924-, consists of several hundred volumes, presently shelved together in alphabetical order by author. Included is a sampling of books from Dorothy Day's personal library. Links are  provided to the Marquette catalog record.

Series W-7.2, Writings Pertaining to the Catholic Worker Movement: Articles, Manuscripts, and Theses (1.5 cubic feet), contains writings about the CW movement as a whole. Articles and press clippings concerning specific individuals, activities, or CW communities are filed in the appropriate series.

Series W-7.3, Curated Website Captures,2011-,  provides access to versions of the main website on the Catholic Worker movement.

Series W-8, Photographs, ca. 1898- (2.4 cubic feet)  contains photographs (and some slides) of Catholic Workers, and the houses and farms established by the New York Catholic Worker, and affiliated communities. They include electronic  as well as paper formats. Both of these formats have been integrated into the arrangement scheme and are available to on-site researchers. Paper documents are stored in cardboard boxes and folders. Electronic records (ER) reside in electronic folders on a computer server and are clearly identified as such on the inventory. Arrangement is by subject and chronological thereunder.

Series W-9.1, Audio Recordings of Interviews and Talks, 1958- (ca. 6 cubic feet) contains recordings of oral history interviews of Catholic Workers and associates of the movement and presentations by Workers and other speakers, many of the latter given at the New York Catholic Worker's "Friday Night Meetings." Several recordings exist only in electronic format (ER). Most have been digitized; they are available for downloading upon request. The series is arranged in alphabetical order by name of interviewee/speaker or title of the program.

Series W-9.3,  Video Recordings,1955- (3.2 cubic feet), contains recordings of talks, television programs, peace demonstrations, and other events involving Catholic Workers, as well as documentaries related to the CW movement. (Marquette doesn't hold copyright in most cases.) Included are interviews of Dorothy Day and many presentations by Frank Cordaro. Most of the recordings prior to 2005 are in the VHS videocassette format, though some have been reformatted to DVD. The series is arranged in chronological order.

Series 9.4, Transcripts of Oral History Interviews, 1962 (3.5 cubic feet), is arranged in two runs, both in alphabetical order by name of interviewee. The second and larger run is composed of interviews conducted by Rosalie Riegle, published in Voices from the Catholic Worker and Portraits of Dorothy Day by Those Who Knew Her.