Records of Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights, an independent Midwest-based advocacy group for Native American rights.

Gift of Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights, 2007. Processed by Mark G. Thiel and microfilmed by Marquette University, 2007.

Historical Note

HONOR began in 1988 out of a desire by non-Indian church leaders and others to support Ojibwa Indian treaty rights in Wisconsin. Following incorporation in 1990, HONOR expanded its advocacy to encompass the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, Native American mascot issue, problems regarding sovereignty, religious freedom, Indian gaming, the protection of burial/sacred sites, and other treaty rights and social justice issues. HONOR also helped to place dozens of interns into programs that furthered Native American issues. It published HONOR Digest, a newsletter, and several pamphlets and established an advocacy clearinghouse to distribute related educational resources, which continued following the organization's disbanding in 2006. Unlike other advocacy groups, when HONOR disbanded in 2006 it left a positive balance in the bank, an incredible record of accomplishments, a stellar reputation, and a continuing education project called the Honor Resource Center.

Scope and Content

Records of Honor Our Neighbors Origins and Rights, 1990-2006, undated (Series 1-4.2)

The collection contains correspondence, minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, and HONOR Digest with index. HONOR Digest on microfilm comprises Series 4-1 of the collection whereas the originals are in Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, Series 14-1.


HONOR Series 1, Correspondence: Contains general letters, clippings, memos, and reports.

HONOR Series 2, Proceedings: Contains by laws and the minutes of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and general meetings. Related agendas, memos, and letters are also included.

HONOR Series 3, Financial Records: Contains articles of incorporation, financial statements, and audits.

HONOR Series 4-1, HONOR Digest:Contains microform only; for originals, see Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, Series 14-1.


Numbering irregularities:

Volume 1, Number 1 (May-June, 1990): not numbered.
Volume 2, Number 9 (December, 1991): misnumbered and issued as Volume 2, Number 9.
Volume 6, Number 3 (April-May, 1995): misnumbered and issued as Volume 6, Number 6.
Volume 6, Number 7 (November-December, 1995): not numbered.
Volume 8, Number 1 (January-February, 1997): not numbered.
Volume 11, Number 2 (March-April, 2000): not numbered.
Volume 15, Number 5 (December, 2004): misnumbered and issued as Volume 15, Number 4.


Special issues:

Volume 3, Number 7 (Fall, 1992): environmental issues.
Volume 7, Number 5 (ca. October-December, 1996): Indian gaming.
Volume 9, Number 6 (ca. December, 1998): Indian sacred sites.
Volume 13, Number 4 (Late Summer, 2002): Racism.
Volume 17, Number 2 (December, 2006): History of HONOR.


Special inserts:

Wisconsin-page inserts accompany Volume 5, Number 1 (January, 1994), Volume 5, Number 2 (February-March, 1994), Volume 5, Number 3 (April, 1994), Volume 5, Number 6 (September, 1994), Volume 6, Number 3 (April-May, 1995), Volume 6, Number 5 (July-September, 1995), Volume 6, Number 6 (October, 1995), Volume 7, Number 2 (March-April, 1996), Volume 8, Number 5 (October-November, 1997), Volume 9, Number 1 (January-February, 1998), Volume 9, Number 3 (May-July, 1998), Volume 9, Number 4 (August-September, 1998), Volume 9, Number 5 (October-November, 1998), Volume 10, Number 1 (January-February, 1999), Volume 10, Number 3 (May-June, 1999), Volume 10, Number 4 (July-September, 1999), Volume 10, Number 5 (October-November, 1999).

A Minnesota-page insert accompany Volume 6, Number 3 (April-May, 1995).

Special-issue inserts accompany Volume 4, Number 1 (January-February, 1993), i.e., Chapter News, Volume 5, Number 3 (April, 1994), i.e., U.S. Army School of the Americas, Volume 11, Number 3 (May-July, 2000), i.e., Logging at Arlington?, Volume 11, Number 5 (Fall, 2000), i.e., Your opinion Please!


HONOR Digest Index:

The HONOR staff created the HONOR Digest Index and associated subject terms. The index includes all regular and special issues, but special inserts were not included. The subject terms are: Alaska (e.g. Eskimo, Gwich'in), Anti-Indian Groups/ Anti-Defamation (e.g. American Farm Bureau, CERA/ Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, NACo/ National Association of Counties, PARR/ Protect Americans' Rights and Resources), Bureau of Indian Affairs (U.S.), Bush Administration (George Herbert Walker Bush), Canada (e.g. Cree, Micmac, Mohawk, Quebec), Chapter News, Children, Clinton Administration, Columbus (e.g. Anniversaries, Celebrations), Congress (U.S.), Crime/ Death Penalty (e.g. Oregon, South Dakota), Defamation, Education (e.g. Maine, Michigan, Montana, South Dakota, Tribal Colleges, Wisconsin), Endangered Animals/ Species (e.g. Bison/Buffalo, Clam, Ponies), Energy, English only, Environment (e.g. Arizona, California, Wisconsin), Faith Community (e.g. Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, Methodist), Fishing/Whaling (e.g. Canada, Makah, Menominee, Minnesota, Ojibwa, Washington, Wisconsin), Gaming (Arizona, Maricopa, New Jersey, Pima, Wisconsin), Grants, Health (e.g. AIDS, Indian Health Service, Infant Mortality, Traditional Foods), History (e.g. Pocahontas, Puritans), HONOR News, Housing, Human Rights (e.g. Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota), Land (e.g. Arapaho, Arizona, California, Cayuga, Cheyenne, Dakota, Hopi, S'Klallum, Karuk, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oneida, Potawatomi, Sac and Fox, Shoshoni, South Dakota, Washington, Winnebago, Wisconsin), Latin America (e.g. Maya, Guatemala, Mexico), Legislation, Logging, Mascots/ Logos/ Stereotypes (e.g. California, Chicago Blackhawks, Chief Illiniwek/ University of Illinois, Chief Wahoo/ Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Crazy Horse Malt Liqueur/ Anheuser Busch, Cub Scouts, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Marquette University, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, [Washington] Red Skins, Wisconsin), Media (e.g. Andy Rooney), Memorials/ People (e.g. Black Hawk, Vine Deloria Jr., Ingrid Washinawatok), Minnesota (e.g. Ojibwa), Mining (e.g. Minnesota, Montana, Sinsinawa Dominicans, Wisconsin), Native American Day, NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act)/ Sacred Items, NCAI (National Congress of American Indians), Nuclear and Toxic Waste (e.g. Eskimo, Navajo), Organizations (e.g. AIM/American Indian Movement, California Indian Manpower Consortium, Indigenous Environmental Network, Native American Journalists, Wisconsin Conservation Congress), Poetry/Special Entries, Political Prisoners (e.g. Norma Jean Croy, Leonard Peltier), Pollution/ Pesticides/ Air, Recognition (e.g. Cowlitz, Ivan Makil, Mohegan, Lori Piestewa, Snoqualmie), Religious Freedom (Peyote/ Native American Church, NAFERA/ Native American Free Exercise of Religion Amendments), Religion, Resources/ Critiques, Sacred Sites (e.g. Apache, Arizona, California, Chumash, Louisiana, Lummi, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming), Sovereignty (e.g. Alaska, California, Maine, Minnesota), State/Tribal Relations (e.g. S'Klallum, Minnesota, Narragansett, New Mexico, Ojibwa, Rhode Island, Washington), Supreme Court (U.S.; e.g. Minnesota, Ojibwa, Ute, Wisconsin), Taxes (e.g. Mohawk, New York, Rhode Island, Seneca), Thanksgiving (e.g. Anniversaries, Celebrations), Treaty Rights (e.g. Minnesota, Ojibwa, Ottawa), Trust Funds, United Nations, Water/ Rivers (e.g. Arizona, Cherokee, Maricopa, Montana, Navajo, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oneida, Pima, Sac and Fox, Washington, Yoruk, Wisconsin), Welfare, Wisconsin (e.g. Ojibwa, Oneida, Stockbridge, and Winnebago).

Work in-progress: The Marquette University Libraries are developing bibliographic records for the publications in this collection. This includes all books, pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, prayer cards, published maps, published sound and video recordings,etc., and excludes clipping files and reprints of articles. As they are created, the bibliographic records will appear in Marqcat, the Marquette University online catalog.

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