This list includes all photographers, studios, photo finishers, and other photographic repositories known to be represented in the Holy Rosary Mission/Red Cloud Indian School Series 6 Photography.

Photographers (Business location)
Arizona Reverend Charles Polzer, S.J. (Tucson), 1961
District of Columbia Charles Milton Bell, 1875; U.S. Soil Conservation Service, ca. 1920s-1930s
Michigan Reverend Paul Prud'homme, S.J. (place), dates
Montana Julia E. Tuell (Lame Deer), 1920

Baumann & Meddough (Rushville), 1880s; H. Baumann's Art Gallery (Rushville), ca. 1890s; C.C. McBride (Chadron), ca. 1900; O'Neil Photo (O'Neil), ca. 1920s-1940s; Purdy (Gordon), ca. 1920s; F.A. Rinehart (Omaha), 1898
New York Galloway, n.d.
North Dakota Bratlee & Berg (Devil's Lake), ca. 1890-1910
Oregon Lee Moorhouse (Pendleton), ca. 1900
South Dakota John A. Anderson (Rosebud), n.d.; Reverend Eugene Buechel, S.J. (Pine Ridge and St. Francis), ca. 1905-1945; S.D. Butcher & Son (Pine Ridge), 1908; Reverend Leo A. Doyle, S.J. (Pine Ridge), dates; Reverend Anthony L. Dagelen, S.J., ca. 1970s; John C.H. Grabill (Deadwood), ca. 1890s; Reverend Earl Kurth, S.J. (Pine Ridge), 1978; Reverend John Paul, S.J. (Pine Ridge), dates; Reverend George Pieper, S.J. (St. Francis), 1954-ca. 1950s; Reverend Paul Prud'homme, S.J. (Michigan), dates, Reverend John M. Scott, S.J. (South Dakota), ca. 1940-1950s; Reverend David Shields, S.J. (Pine Ridge), ca. 1970s; Morgan Sinclaire (Pine Ridge?), 1960s-1970s; Reverend Paul B. Steinmetz, S.J. (Pine Ridge), ca. 1970-1974; Reverend James Strozk, S.J. (Pine Ridge), ca. 1977-1987; Edward Truman (Kyle), ca. 1890s-1930s; Reverend Joseph A. Zimmerman, S.J. (South Dakota), 1908?-1950?; Reverend Joseph F. Zuercher, S.J. (South Dakota), dates?
Washington State Reverend Thomas E. Mails, ca. 1970s
Wyoming Bells Studio, 1950s-1960s
Location Unknown American Indian Press Association, ca. 1970s; Reverend A.W. Vachan, S.J., 1944
Photo finishers (Business location)
Iowa Jones Studios (Davenport), 1930s
Missouri Gossler (St. Charles), ca. 1920s
Nebraska Elite Photo (Omaha), 1931; O'Neil Photo (O'Neil), ca. 1930s-1940s
South Dakota


Becker's Camera (Rapid City), ca. 1940-1947; Fastbender Studio (Spearfish), ca. 1930s; W.C. Gowen (Watertown), 1940s; Greg's Studio (Flandreau), ca. 1940s; Rise Studio (Rapid City), 1930
Wyoming Frontier Kodak, 1934
Repositories (Business location) -- collections and/or photographers, if identified
Colorado Denver Public Library (Denver) -- Barry
District of Columbia Library of Congress; Smithsonian Institution (Washington) -- Bailey, Dix, & Mead, Barry, Bell, Fisher, Gardner, Mooney, O'Neill, Shindler, Taylor, Wanamaker; U.S. National Archives (Washington)
Illinois Field Museum (Chicago)
Kansas Kansas State Historical Society (Topeka)
Montana Montana State Historical Society (Helena) -- Haynes, Huffman
Nebraska Nebraska State Historical Society (Lincoln) -- Northwestern, Trager
New York American Museum of Natural History (New York) -- Wanamaker
North Dakota North Dakota State Historical Society (Bismarck) -- Barry, Fiske, Haynes
South Dakota South Dakota State Historical Society (Pierre) -- Brennan, Grabill, Northwestern
Wyoming University of Wyoming (Laramie)
Canada, Alberta Glenbow Museum (Calgary); Provincial Archives of Alberta (Edmonton) -- Pollard, Smith
Archival materials from the Raynor Memorial Libraries

Marquette Archives