Collection of The Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Volume Article Marginal Notes by Boyle
The Correspondence of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Richard Watson Dixon. Edited by Claude Colleer Abbot. London: Oxford University Press, 1955. PR 4803 .H44 Z 57 1955 *
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The Journals and Papers of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Second edition. Edited by Humphry House. London: Oxford University Press, 1966. *
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The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Forth edition. Edited by W.H. Gardner and Norman H. Mackenzie. London: Oxford University Press, 1967. PR 4803 .H44 A17 1967 *
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The Windover. Edited by John Pick. The Merrill Literary Casebook Series, Edward P.J. Corbett, ed. Columbus, Ohio: Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company, 1969. PR 4803 .H44 W536 1969
The Wreck of the Deutschland. Introduction by James Dickey. Boston: David Godine, 1971. PR 4803 .H44 W74

Boyle, G.M. Hopkins Collection

Volume Article Marginal Notes by Boyle
Articles By Rev. Robert Boyle, S.J.:
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PR 4803 .H44 Z59 1961
"The Nature of Metaphor: Further Considerations." Reprinted from: The Modern Schoolman 34 (May 1957): 283-298.
"Time and Grace in Hopkins' Imagination." From: Renascence 29 (Fall 1976): 7-24.
Book Reviews by Rev. Robert Boyle, S.J.:
A Commentary on the Complete Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Paul L. Mariani, 1970. [Bibliographic information unknown], 3 pgs.
The Dragon in the Gate: Studies in the Poetry of G.M. Hopkins, by Elisabeth Schneider , 1968. Reprinted from: Journal of English and German Philosophy 70 (April 1971): 327-332.
Hopkins the Jesuit: The Years of Training, by Alfred Thomas, S.J., 1969. From: Victorian Poetry 9 (Winter 1971): 455-458.


Author(s) Title and Information Marginal Notes by Boyle
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Author(s) Title and Information Marginal Notes by Boyle
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Thackeray, William Makepeace The Rose and the Ring. Facsimile from the original in the Pierpont Morgan Library. New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 1947.
PR 5617 .R67 1947


The Escorial

the whole building (1)
court, chapel entrance and spires (2-6)
murals and paintings (7-11)
tombs (12-15)
interior of chapel (16-23)

Inversnaid (24-28)


Towery (49-52)
branchy (53-54)
river (55-58)
brickish (59-61)
walls (62-63)
Merton College (65-67)
books (68, 72)


Carisbrook Keep (73-91)
Applecurcoombe House &View (92-93, 95-101, 103-109)
Ventnor town & Boniface down

Crows (110)
from top of Boniface Down (113-115)
looking toward Boniface from the west (116-119)
cemetery (120-122, 124(2), 126, 128-131)

Ventnor coast from the sea

(132-133, 136, 144, 147-148, 150, 154)

Tintern Abbey (157-160, 170, 180, 180B, 184-186, 188, 190)

St. Beuno's (193-197, 199-205A)
Penmaen Pool (206-213, 216-220)
Sheep (222-228)
Wales (229-230, 232-236, 237-239)
Last Lights (241-242)
Glasnevin (244)

"Margaret Are You Grieving" (2 sets, 1 at 110mm); Thomas Singleton, S.J., Alice Semrad, Alice's niece and cousin; taken at Regis College, c. 1957